Adelie Penguin jumping between two ice floes

by Nick

Adelie penguin having fun by jumping between two ice floes.

Animals are precious

We need to protect the animals and our environment for the future sake of the future generations. The animals are precious as we need them for nature’s food chain to occur.  I like penguins as they cute and adorable. Their beauty lies in the way they walk.

We also need to protect our seas from pollution. It is vital not to throw plastic waste and garbage to the sea. And there is also the issue of global warming. As of now, there are a lot of pollutants that are gathered in the our Earth atmosphere. You can search for images on the web to find out more. Satellite images reveal the state of air quality of Earth. This will affect the polar ice caps and will also impact the penguins.

Perhaps, if there is technology to remove the pollutants in a cheap and cost effective way there will be less pollutants in our Earth’s atmosphere. Let us all do our part in protecting our environment and all the animals.

Peace and Kudos to people who are environmentally friendly


Anthony Zheng Gao