AgeLoc Y-Span Review – Anti-Aging Supplement

AgeLoc Y-Span Review- Anti Aging Supplement Review

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How do aging defense mechanisms work? In order to combat and maintain resistance to aging aggressors, the body’s aging defense mechanisms encourage the healthy regulation of damage and repair mechanisms. Gene expression changes as we grow older, resulting in a decline in the function, performance, and ability of the body’s aging defense mechanisms.

By positively modulating gene expression, ageLOC Y-Span maintains and supports youthful activities. * Which ingredient blend is included in ageLOC Y-Span that is hard to find in a regular diet? Even individuals who consume a healthy diet are not likely to consume several natural ingredients on a regular basis. We selected purple corn extract, 4,7 alpha lipoic acid, 1,4,6,7 D-limonene, citrus bioflavonoids, and resveratrol as ingredients that met our unique criteria. Even though other ageLOC Y-Span ingredients are found in healthy diets, they are in amounts that are difficult for consumers to obtain exclusively through their diet. Astaxanthin,1,2,3 rosemary extract,7 EPA, DHA, vitamin D,7 and quercetin are a few of these compounds.

What makes ageLOC Y-Span capsules unique? AgeLOC Y-Span is based on a proprietary technology, called Licap®, which allows liquids and solids to be delivered together in a hard shell capsule. Through this technology, ageLOC Y-Span improves the bioavailability of fat-soluble ingredients, helping to ensure that anti-aging benefits are achieved. * What is the difference between ageLOC Y-Span and LifePak? The ageLOC Y-Span and LifePak were developed in different ways, based on different scientific principles. With the best nutritional and antioxidant science at our disposal, we designed LifePak. To create the most advanced anti-aging product, we combined our proprietary gene expression science with key antioxidant and nutritional components.

Does ageLOC Y-Span work with ageLOC R2? AgeLOC Y-Span and ageLOC R2 can be taken together. The development of both products was guided by gene expression science, however, we analyzed their ingredient blends for their different benefits. We formulated ageLOC R2 with benefits targeting cellular energy and cellular purification; however, ageLOC Y-Span was developed to support the body’s defense mechanisms against aging-related disruptions, strengthen DNA repair and protection, and provide more general health benefits.

Does ageLOC Y-Span interact with other Pharmanex products? Yes, ageLOC Y-Span’s gene expression science and ability to remind our bodies of how to remain young complement our many other supplements. Y-Span targets the sources of aging by affecting gene expression that affects your aging defense mechanisms. With a unique ingredient blend that is not easily found in a healthy diet, it achieves this goal. A combination of these unique ingredients and their ability to positively modulate gene expression make ageLOC Y-Span an excellent addition to your daily supplement regimen.

If you have questions regarding your supplementation regimen, please consult your physician. Furthermore, ageLOC Y-Span contains omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil, which provide impressive aging defense properties. Taking ageLOC Y-Span two hours before or after taking a fat-binding product, such as DuoLean or FibreNet, is recommended.

Can ageLOC Y-Span increase the carotenoid score of my skin? In the process of selecting natural ingredients to target aging defense mechanisms, we also identified a few ingredients that are likely to positively impact your antioxidant status. * Has Nu Skin conducted clinical studies on ageLOC Y-Span? Several studies on ageLOC Y-Span have been completed or are in progress.

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