Ailun Glass Screen Protector For Iphone 12 And XR | Buying Guide

Ailun Glass Screen Protector For Iphone 12 And XR

Ailun Glass Screen Protector For Iphone 12 And XR
Ailun Glass Screen Protector For Iphone 12 And XR

Iphone Screen Protector Buying Guide As important as it is to protect your screen, you will not want it to interfere with your interaction with the screen. Make sure that the protector you select offers 99.9 percent transparency and high responsiveness. There are a number of glass screen protectors that have an oleophobic coating, which gives your protector a similar feel to the screen beneath it. In addition, older screen protectors were difficult to install.

There was a lot of care that had to be taken when you were applying the product or else you would end up with unsightly air bubbles. Glass protectors are much more forgiving than metal screen protectors, although you still want to make sure that your screen is perfectly clean and free of debris before you attach the screen protector to your device. Besides a cloth and a guide to help you install the protector, you are also likely to find that your protector includes installation tools.

Ultimately, however, whether a screen protector works depends on its effectiveness. The glass of an iPhone protector with a hardness of 9H is typically scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, it is still possible for the screen of your phone to crack if you drop it. Occasionally, however, the glass will protect your screen from damage during a drop and, if not, it will hold it in place until you can replace it.

Smudges and fingerprints are another factor to consider when choosing a screen protector. There are a number of glass-based screen protectors that have an oleophobic coating that ensures that your screen remains clean throughout the day. When a screen protector is extremely thick, it is immediately apparent that it has been applied. Ideally, you should choose a screen protector that is no thicker than 0.3 mm. In addition to getting a more seamless appearance, you will also be able to tap more easily. It is true that most screen protectors are relatively affordable, but it is important to consider what you are getting for your money. If you own your phone for an extended period of time, you may only require one screen protector.

Features And Benefits
– The screen protector is compatible with iPhone 11/iPhone XR (2019/2018 release) with a 6.1-inch display and 0.33mm thick tempered glass. With maximum protection against scratches, scrapes, and bumps.
– As a result of the rounded design of the iPhone 11/XR and to ensure compatibility with most cases, the tempered glass does not cover the entire screen. Ultra-clear HD touch screen that is 99.99% accurate.
– The hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating prevents sweat and oil residue from being left behind on the screen.
– This is a 100% brand new, precision laser cut tempered glass, finely polished, 2.5D rounded edge piece.
– A video installation instruction can be found in the last image slot: Easiest Installation – removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation, no need to worry about bubbles, enjoy your screen as if it had not been installed.