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Alienware Aurora R11 Review. Inside Look At Its Features And Benefits.

Alienware Aurora R11 Review
Alienware Aurora R11 Review

Designed in a Mid Tower form factor, the Alienware Aurora R11 is a powerful computer. Gaming and workstation configurations typically use the Mid Tower form factor. If you are looking for a system with maximum upgradeability, Alienware Aurora R11 is a very good choice. The majority of models in this category feature four PCIe slots, multiple drive bays, and space for liquid cooling as well as large air cooling units.

Speed and power are sometimes determined by customization, but this is not always the case. Every once in a while, a company will launch a product that is immediately successful. For example, the Alienware Aurora R11 is a pre-built gaming computer that is among the most powerful you will ever come across — including many custom builds. It has been Alienware’s mission from the beginning to provide gaming computers that are both functional and attractive.

Aurora R11 chassis are available in two different color options: lunar light and dark side of the moon. The dark side of the moon chassis is all black, while the lunar light chassis is white with a black front panel. The RGB halo ring and the Alienware symbol illuminate when you turn on the R11. Besides serving as the power button, the Alienware symbol can be customized in terms of its color, blinking pattern, and macro creation for specific games. After creating a fun blinking macro for Destiny 2, I quickly became distracted and removed it from the game. If you wish, you may set a macro to dim the lights while playing and amplify them at other times.

However, Alienware discontinued the Aurora R11 in September 2021, so you may have a difficult time finding one at a reasonable price.

Despite some usability issues, the Aurora R11 performed well for both gaming and productivity. There is no doubt that the Alienware Aurora R11 may be one of the best gaming PCs on the market – in fact, one of the very best computers overall – if you are happy with the way it looks and are willing to spend a little more on the best hardware.

The Alienware Aurora R11’s physical design is one of its most striking features. As opposed to a boxy rectangle, the Aurora R11 has an oval face and a rounded chassis, somewhat akin to a flattened egg.

There is no doubt that the Alienware Aurora R11 is one of the most powerful pre-built gaming computers available. As a result, it is also one of the most expensive models. The value proposition of Alienware has been clear since the brand’s inception: Get a stylish, functional gaming PC right out of the box, but be prepared to spend a few thousand dollars.

On an older Geekbench 4.3 general performance test, the Aurora R11 scored 41,822, while the Trident X scored 40,378. We do not yet have any other systems against which to compare the Aurora R11’s performance against Geekbench 5.3. It is a very impressive score, at least in a vacuum.

Nevertheless, the Aurora R11’s performance suffers from a number of qualitative issues. A quiet fan hum can be heard when the Aurora R11 is performing everyday productivity tasks. However, when the machine is being used for gaming, it essentially transforms into a very loud space heater that blasts sound and heat across everything in its immediate vicinity.

There is a range of configurations available for the Aurora R11 that are affordable for ordinary consumers. In shopping for a system, we have all been there — you click on the most expensive components and wonder how long you can get away with not paying rent before you choose something you can actually afford. The excessive performance of this build appeals to me, and it fulfills that ‘what if’ fantasy. In spite of this, the Aurora R11 is a unique system, regardless of which configuration you select.

List Of Features For This Powerful Gaming Workstation
– With liquid cooling, 10th Generation Intel Core processors, and factory overclockable processors and graphics, you will enjoy the highest performance gaming available.
– The new Killer bandwidth integrated Wired Networking delivers 2.5 times the total theoretical bandwidth with an uninterrupted zero-lag connection.
– An increase in airflow efficiency and a reduction of up to 8% in the temperature at the voltage regulator heatsink as compared to the previous generation chassis.
– The latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards.

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