Aquasonic Black Series Review | Whiten Your Teeth With This Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

Aquasonic Black Series Review. Whiten Your Teeth With This Ultra Whitening Toothbrush.

Aquasonic Black Series Review
Aquasonic Black Series Review

By manufacturing and bringing to market a product at a much lower cost, AquaSonic is able to attract a much larger market share. Just take a look at what you receive in the box, a toothbrush with a travel case and eight brush heads for about $40. AquaSonic is the best value, with the most features and functions.

AquaSonic toothbrushes are manufactured and designed in China and share many similarities with Sonicare. One of the more premium Sonicare models, the ProtectiveClean 6100, is certainly comparable to this Black Series model. As a result of the motor in the handle of the AquaSonic brush, up to 40,000 vibrations (brush strokes) are delivered per minute, which is 9,000 more than the 31,000 vibrations delivered by the Sonicare brush. Although this is technically more, it does not improve the quality of the clean. As there are so many movements involved in the cleaning process, any differences in cleaning action are barely noticeable, let alone clinically significant.

Despite the fact that the brush heads can be interchanged between the two brands, I believe the Sonicare heads to be of superior quality. The brushing experience with the AquaSonic brush heads provided by Sonicare can sometimes feel slightly rougher than I would like or expect, but this is not necessarily a deal breaker. The quality, clinical effectiveness, reliability, accessibility, and support are generally better, but the price reflects this.

Does the AquaSonic oscillate? No It does not. The toothbrush is a sonic toothbrush. Can you tell me what brush head it comes with and what alternative ones can be used? Eight brush heads are included with the product. No special name appears to be associated with them. This is a typical design for a sonic brush head.

Is there a pressure sensor on the Black Series Ultra Sonic? The answer is no. Is the AquaSonic equipped with Bluetooth technology? The answer is no. What is the warranty period for the AquaSonic? It is not stated whether this brush is covered by a warranty. Documentation and sales pages do not contain this information. The seller should be able to inform you if there is a warranty, but you will need to negotiate with him/her. The warranty support page is now available at

Is there a timer built into the AquaSonic? In fact, yes. It is commonly referred to as the quadpacer; while in cleaning mode, the brush will provide a slight pause in the brushing mode to notify you that it is time to change quadrants. Mouths are divided into four quadrants, and brushing normally takes two minutes. Timer intervals will be 30 seconds, with the timer automatically turning off at the end of two minutes.

When it comes to battery life, how long does it last? Using the clean mode, the battery lasts for 88 minutes, which corresponds to 22 days based on two cleans per day. Is there a charger included? AquaSonic toothbrushes come with a charging stand. Is it possible to attach this to a wall? Charging stations or brush head holders for AquaSonic have not been designed to be fixed to walls. Is it possible to use the Black Series toothbrush in the shower? Since it is water resistant, I would have said so, however, it does not state that it should be used while bathing. Is there a travel case included with the product? The box includes a travel case. A brush handle and two brush heads can be stored in this case.

It is powered by batteries that electric toothbrushes operate. There are either built-in batteries that cannot be replaced by the user or removable batteries that require AA or AAA batteries. Batteries are usually integrated into the best performing brushes. The AquaSonic Black Series Ultra is equipped with a rechargeable battery. There is a lithium-ion battery integrated into the brush, which is more desirable than a brush with a NiMH battery, which is present in some, mainly older models.

Generally, lithium-powered brushes are more reliable and last longer than NiMH-powered brushes, although this is not always the case. AquaSonic appears to be on the right track. The battery’s milliampere (mAh) capacity is not known, but on a full charge, 44 tooth brushing sessions can be achieved.

Or, to put it another way, based on 2 cleanings per day for 2 minutes between charges, that is 22 days of use. Thus, a single charge lasts for about three weeks. I am very impressed with this. Generally, electric toothbrushes have a battery life of about two weeks. There are some brushes that offer a warranty of 5-7 days, but many now provide a warranty of more than two weeks.

As a matter of fact, many of these newer brands seem to provide longer battery life than previous models. Overall, AquaSonic performs well in this regard. There is an LED icon for the battery located on the brush handle. Depending on the amount of power remaining, this will light up in green or red. Although the manual does not specifically mention this, my own hands-on testing suggests that the icon will be lit green when the battery power is greater than 20% or when the brush is charged.

The icon will flash red when the power drops below 20%. To fully charge the brush, it may take up to 24 hours. Whenever the battery needs to be recharged, the brush uses a fairly standard charging stand.

A black charging stand is included in the box. There is a two-pin US plug on the stand, as well as a cable that measures approximately four feet (1.2 meters) in length. There are four rubber feet on the base of the stand, which prevent it from moving around on a countertop. On the front of the brush handle is the AquaSonic brand name, and on the top is a protuberance (a bit sticking out) that fits into a recess within the handle base. Electricity is transmitted wirelessly between the brush handle and the stand when both are connected to the power source. There is a tightly wound coil of cable inside the charging stand and brush handle that transmits the charge.

Electric toothbrushes can be charged in this manner in a safe and common manner. It is actually the same wireless technology that modern smartphones utilize when they are equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Although this design keeps the brush water resistant, it may take a little longer for the brush to charge fully. The battery life of three weeks should be sufficient for travelers. It is great, however, that the stand can support 100-240V if you are traveling overseas for an extended period of time. Consequently, you will only need a plug adapter to use it in certain countries, not a voltage converter.

Features Of This Devices That Can Benefit You
– With 40,000 VPM, the Smart Toothbrush offers beauty, intelligence, and power. A world-class electric toothbrush packed with the latest technology, the Black Series represents the pinnacle of electric toothbrush technology. Featuring an industry-leading motor producing 40,000 vibrations per minute, a lithium-ion battery, ultra-fast wireless charging, four modes of operation, smart vibration timers, 8

– DuPont engineered brush heads and bristles, as well as a custom travel case, this product is designed to be ultra-slim, lightweight, and waterproof to IPX7.

This product have been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs. By investing in premium oral care technologies, the Black Series has earned the prestigious seal of approval from the American Dental Association. Plaque can be removed and gingivitis can be reduced and prevented using this product. In addition to cleaning teeth, the Black Series provides complete oral care, including whitening and polishing teeth as well as improving gum health.

– INCLUDES 8 DuPont Brush Heads & Travel Case – Every Black Series toothbrush comes with eight brush heads that have been engineered by DuPont, a global leader in quality and materials science. Since each brush head lasts for four months, eight brush heads will last over two and a half years. Additionally, the package contains a convenient hard shell travel case made of BPA-free plastic with space for two brush heads. With the included travel case, AquaSonic can last up to 4 full weeks on a single charge (2 minutes/2 times per day)

– Technology for a Healthy Smile. The Black Series toothbrushes feature enhanced features that bring toothbrushes up to date with modern technology. The sleek and ergonomic waterproof black satin handle features a lithium-ion battery, ultra fast wireless charging (forget outdated USB charging), four distinct brushing modes and a smart vibrating notification timer.

– Included in the box are one AquaSonic Black Series Smart Toothbrush, one wireless charging base, eight DuPont Brush Heads, one travel case, and instructions and contact information for the manufacturer.

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