Aromatic and Delicious Capsicum Rendang Chicken Recipe

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Today’s Recipe : Capsicum Rendang Chicken

capsicum rendang chicken recipe and wheat wrap

Recipe of Capsicum Rendang Chicken (2 -3 servings)        






– 1 packet of Rendang Paste : 200 grams
– Chicken thigh (skinless and boneless) : 300 grams (bite sizes)
– Capsicum 150 grams (or as desired) (bite size)
– 2 potatoes (bite size)
– 1 stalk of lemon grass and a few curry leaves. (to enhance fragrance).

Simple Steps :

(1) Slightly boil the cut potatoes, set aside. (because cooking time for potatoes are longer than chicken)

(2) With 3 tbsp of oil, stir fry Rendang paste, lemon grass and curry leaves until fragrant.  Add in chicken and potatoes, stir fry, add water to cover chicken meat, mix well, simmer with pot cover until chicken is tender and gravy become thicker.

(3) Lastly, stir in capsicum and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Ready to serve with rice or Roti Prata (wheat wrap).