Auertech Space Heater 1500W – FutureUniverseTV Gives A Honest Review

Auertech Space Heater 1500W.  FutureUniverseTV Gives A Honest Review.

Auertech Space Heater 1500W
Auertech Space Heater 1500W

Efficient Heater with 3 Heating Modes: High Heat (1500W), Low Heat (750W) & Fan. As a result of the high and low heating modes, warm air is blown at different speeds, while the fan mode provides cool air. Depending on your needs, you may choose different modes to reduce power consumption. This makes it an ideal electric heater for the home as well!

A portable space heater with PTC ceramic heating technology provides fast heating and constant temperature in just three seconds. Buyers will be able to use it both for winter and summer since it provides two heat levels of 1500 Watts and 750 Watts, as well as one cool air fan. With the ceramic heater, you will enjoy instant and efficient heating throughout the cold winter months.

This portable mini heater measures 7 ” 6.5 ” 10 “, weighs only 3 pounds, and has a built-in carry handle that makes it easy to carry wherever you go. A 120V heater with a long cord is perfect for indoor use in your office, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, study, or living room.

【Safe Room Heater】 The desk heater is made from flame retardant material in order to prevent the risk of fire. When the heater overheats, the overheat protection will automatically shut off the heater. This feature is ideal for households with children and pets. The indoor heater will begin operating again after the temperature has cooled down.

A low level of noise is produced by the portable heater, which is quiet enough to be used indoors where people sleep, read, work, or watch television. You will enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment in your bedroom with the help of a room heater. Be careful not to use this product in areas where there is high humidity, such as the bathroom.

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