Avocado Fruits Salad

Fruits Salad : Avocado, Pear, Plum and Strawberries

For breakfast I have this delicious and healthy fruits salad consist of avocado, pear, red plum and strawberries.

Fruits are have nutritional value which provide our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals.
Fruits with their properties of high fiber, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation, high liquid contain etc… help preventing and reducing the risk of having certain diseases. High fiber contain improve metabolism health, high liquid contain in the fruits help beautify skin and complexion. High healthy fat contain in avocado is good for the heart.

There are some health benefits of these fruits below this beautiful photo.


Some of the health benefits of these fruits :

Avocado :


Avocado is high in healthy fat, high in fiber, anti-oxidants, contain vitamins and minerals. In
addition to being high in nutritional value, avocado also helps to :
(1) lower the risk of heart disease
(2) reduce blood sugar
(3) prevent anemia
(4) good for metabolic health
(5) good for complexion

Pear :


Pear is high in fiber, high liquid contain, contain vitamins and mineral With properties low in calorie, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant.
(1) It help reduce blood cholesterol
(2) Help with diabetes and heart disease
(3) Good for quenching thirst
(4) Good for cleansing phlegm
(5) Boost immune system
(6) Good sauce of dietary fiber

Plum :


Plum is rich in vitamins and minerals, contains protein, sugar, high in fiber, antioxidant. Health benefits are :
(1) Promote healthy bone
(2) Help with diabetes by lower blood sugar
(3) Regulates blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke due to high blood pressure
(4) Boost immune system
(5) Relieving indigestion
(6) Promote brain health like improve memory

Strawberry :


Strawberry is rich in vitamins C, minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron; high in fiber; rich in fructose, glucose, fatty acid. It has an excellent property of anti-oxidant.
(1) Boost immune system
(2) Fight cancer disease
(3) Improve heart help
(4) promote eye health
(5) Reduce inflammation
(6) Lower high blood pressure
(7) Anti-aging