Baked Beef Penne With Cheese Recipe

Baked Beef Penne with Mozzarella Cheese Recipe

Hi Friend, like to share with You this beautifully baked beef penne with Mozzarella cheese. There are prepared with minced beef, colorful and appetizing bell peppers, onions, honey tomatoes. These ingredients are stir fry with sweet and sour tomato sauce.

Beef Penne sprinkled with Mozzarella cheese in between give a layered fragrant tasting experience. As You savor the crisp and sticky mozzarella with juicy beef and delicious stir fry Penne, the combination of fragrant flavors is a treat to taste buds.


Ingredients :
– Organic Wheat Penne Macaroni : 120 grams
– Minced beef : 120 grams
– 2 Onions : (diced)
– Bell peppers (Red, Yellow and Green) :(diced)
– 10 Honey tomatoes: cut into half
– Tomato sauce : 6 tbsp.
– Chili sauce : 3 tbsp.
– Shredded Mozzarella cheese 200 grams
– Extra virgin olive oil : 3 tbsp.
– Salt (to taste)
– Black pepper (to taste)

Cooking Procedures :
(1) Boil Penne Macaroni for 25 minutes or until it is cooked. Set aside.

(2) Preheat oven at 200 degree C.

(3) Heat up 3 tbsp. of olive oil, sauté onions, add in minced beef, bell peppers, tomato and chili sauces, stir fry and mix all ingredients.


(4) Stir in Macaroni, honey tomatoes and salt to taste, mix all ingredients until macaroni is coated with sauces.


(5) Greased baking dish, layer half of the fried ingredients, sprinkle black pepper and half of the Mozzarella cheese, then layer the remaining half of the fried ingredients on top, again sprinkle black pepper and the remaining Mozzarella cheese.


(6) Baked at 200 degree C for 25 minutes or until preferred browning.