Baked Sesame Chicken Strips Recipe

Oven Baked Sesame Chicken Strips Recipe

Delightfully tasting
Sesame Seeds have a fragrant taste and they enhance the flavor of baked chicken strips. Together with Mayonnaise Sauce and Chili, it is delightfully tasty.  There is crisp from both sesame and chicken strips which makes it delicious and pleasing to savor. Beside the main dish, the cabbage and Tomato adds color and as healthy foods to the entire dish.

What I like about this dish
1) The chicken strips are baked for easy clean up. Save time and effort.
2) It is healthier to bake. Less oil is needed too.
3) It is crispy, yummy and delicious.
4) It can be eaten for any occasions, as finger food during gatherings, watching movies, kids party etc..


– Chicken thigh (Boneless and Skinless) : 550 grams
– Black and White Sesame (Amount as desired)

Condiments for marinades:
– Oyster sauce : 3 tbsp.
– Tomato sauce : 4 tbsp.
– Chili sauce : 2 tbsp.
– 1 beaten egg
– Sesame Oil : 2 tbsp.
– Sugar : 1 tbsp.
– Salt : ½ tbsp.
– Corn flour : 3 tbsp.

Note: You can dip with mayonnaise for creamy flavor.  

Simple way :

  • Cut chicken meat into strips and marinate with all the marinades ingredients overnight in the refrigerator (or at least 2 hours in the refrigerator)
  • Grease baking tray with cooking oil.
  • Mix black and white sesame in a bowl, coat marinated chicken strips fully with the sesame mix and place them onto baking tray.
  • Cover with aluminum foil, bake at 300 degree C for 20 minutes. Then bake without foil for 5-10 minutes for desired browning.
    • Note: Cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of chicken strips and the type of oven.