Black Pepper Scallops Recipe

Tasty Black Pepper Scallops Recipe

Friends, as You savor scallops, it is juicy, firm, and chewy with tasty and fragrant black pepper sauce. The sauce brings out the delicious flavor of scallops. Bell pepper adds crunchiness which makes this dish a tasty combination. Enjoy this dish.


Ingredients :
– 20 scallops
– Bell peppers (red, yellow and green colors) : (cut into bite size)
– Ginger (about 3 inches in length, cut into strips)
– 10 cloves of garlic (crushed)
– Home-made black pepper sauce
– Cooking oil

Black pepper sauce ingredients :
– Oyster sauce : 3 tbsp.
– Light soy sauce : 1 tbsp.
– Sesame oil : 1 tbsp.
– Mirin (Rice wine) : 3 tbsp.
– Black pepper powder : 3 tbsp.
– Black pepper corn : 1 tbsp.
– Raw cane sugar : 2 tbsp.
– Potato starch (or corn flour) : 1 tsp
– Water : 3 tbsp.

Steps of cooking :
(1) Mix all the ingredients for black pepper sauce in a bowl, set aside.


(2) Coat scallops with potato starch, deep fry until both sides turn slightly brown. Dish out scallops from wok, drain oil and set aside.


(3) In work, heat up 2 tbsp. of cooking oil, stir in ginger strips and crushed garlic, fry until fragrant, discard ginger and garlic. Add in bell peppers stir fry until fragrant (about 2 minutes).


(4) Return scallops to wok, stir fry and mix with bell peppers.


(5) Add in black pepper sauce, stir fry and mix all ingredients until they are well coated with the pepper sauce. Lower the heat, simmer for 5 minutes. Dish out and ready to serve.