Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 13 – NFT Trading Card Games

Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 13 covers NFT Trading Card Games

Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 13 - NFT Trading Card Games
Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 13 – NFT Trading Card Games

NFT games have recently generated more hype than most blockchain games on the market. NFT-based card games have introduced several aspects that regular games that include NFT collectibles lack. The growth of the NFT and DeFi space, the number has increased tremendously, making it difficult for new and experienced players to keep track and have all the information about the best games on the market.
Below are the NFT card games to watch out for and play in 2021.

i. Gods unchained is a free tactical card game where players are real owners of their items in the game. The focus of the game is on competitive play, where players should focus on strategically outsmarting their opponents by building decks that can combat a variety of tactics. Once players acquire digital items, they own them outright and can trade, sell or use the cards as they see fit. New players to Gods Unchained will receive a free collection of 70 individual cards, divided into six decks, as a welcome set. The set is intended to help players get a handle on the game and the individual gods. In order for players to earn card packs, they must play ranked and construction games. This allows them to level up and increase their Common Core cards, which expand their decks. Players can combine these packs to create higher-value, tradable versions.

ii. Mythereum is a multiplayer digital trading card game based on the Ethereum blockchain where players build their unique decks of trading cards and challenge others to battle to defeat the dragons. Each Mythereum card is a unique Ethereum blockchain-based asset that players can trade, transfer or sell.
The cards are available individually and in booster packs that contain five random cards from the latest edition. Players choose which of their cards to take into battle. The game has no maximum number of cards a player can have in their deck but does have a minimum of five. Each player’s deck is automatically shuffled and players are dealt five cards from their deck to make their firsthand. Players earn Mythereum XP, which they can redeem for new cards or upgrades to the cards they already own.

iii. LegendsOfCrypto is a blockchain and DeFi-based game with revenue-generating NFTs and a native marketplace dedicated to famous characters in the industry. LOCGame is a groundbreaking type of top Trump card game on the blockchain where players can win valuable tokens and NFT items. Cardholders can earn rewards from prize pools on the platform. LOCGame is powered by the Ethereum and Matic blockchains, with Matic running the game’s underlying DeFi economy, core infrastructure, and DAO governance model. LOCGame has several categories: Crypto Cities, Top Blockchains, NFT Legends, DeFi Legends, and Top Cryptocurrencies, in which each character is placed. Players can choose the category they want to play with to gain an advantage over their opponents. The cards have a set of numerical data and are evenly distributed to the players during an active game. To play, players compare the value of the cards they receive and trump the value of the opponent’s card by playing with a card that has a higher value.

iv. Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a blockchain-based mobile game that combines the functionalities of a trading card game with the aspects of arcade games. In this game, players collect and combine orbs to create the strongest deck to fight their enemies. Players can also create a team and challenge different opponents while exploring the fantasy realm of
Askian. Players can use the collectibles they already have in their wallet to play or buy cards in the game. The cards have different characters with different attack and defense values. These properties allow some characters to attack more effectively and deal more damage than others. The game has different levels and once a player completes a level, they are rewarded with currency or more cards. Currencies include gold, crystals and gems that can be used to buy more cards. Players can also upgrade or fuse different characters to increase their strength. A card can be fused a maximum of four times, with one more upgrade to its optimal level.

v. Ether Legends is a collectible card game developed by Elementeum Games that offers the fusion of physical and digital collectible cards based on Ethereum, Matic and Enjin blockchains. Ether Legends allows collectors or players abroad to visualize and play their own collectibles in physical or digital form. Ether Legends is the first card game with physical collectible cards that can be redeemed directly on the blockchain. Ether Legends has created real value by enabling the ownership of digital content, rewards and digital assets, allowing players to earn for the time invested in the games. The artwork on all collectibles is also stunning, attracting more players to own such unique NFTs. Within the collectible card game, different abilities and stats determine what gives a champion an advantage over their opponent. The winner of each game is determined by the champions who survive the player vs. player or player vs. NPC battle.

NFT card games offer players the opportunity to own their digital collectibles and give them the freedom to hold, sell, and transfer the collectibles whenever they want. The card games also offer players of all genres the opportunity to experience a different world through the innovative features of the games and the characters of the cards. These card games have contributed greatly to the increase in player numbers and money spent on blockchain-based games over the past year, as the elements of NFTs and absolute ownership of playing cards also attract more traditional players.

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