Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 8 – What Are Crypto Kitties?

Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 8 – What Are Crypto Kitties?

Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 8 - What Are Crypto Kitties
Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 8 – What Are Crypto Kitties

For the first time, you can collect and breed CryptoKitties on Android. Introducing: What if digital art, video game items, and other digital goods could really be yours? And what if players had a stake in their experiences? CryptoKitties is a game all about breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! It is the world’s largest game based on blockchain technology – the same breakthrough that makes things like Bitcoin and Ethereum possible. Bitcoin and Ether are cryptocurrencies, but CryptoKitties are crypto collectibles. Unique Kitties. There are billions of possible CryptoKitties, and each Kitty is unique and 100% yours; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. Collect, breed and trade. You can create your perfect CryptoKitty by breeding two kitties together – and selling it for real cryptocurrency! Meow, anytime, anywhere. For the first time,

One of the most frequently asked questions from new players is, “How do I value my kitty?” While it’s impossible to put an exact price on a Kitty – they are collectibles, after all – there are things that make some Kitties more desirable than others. So, what should experienced players look for? There are three things you should look for in a kitty: Rarity, utility, and appearance. Remember, you do not have to comprehensively evaluate every Kitty before you decide to buy. Choose a few simple criteria to start with and find out over time what works best for you.

Rarity. Some Kitties have set limits or caps that maintain their rarity over time. Other kitties are rare because they are difficult to create. Gen 0.There can only ever be 50,000 Gen 0 kitties – this rule is started since creation of CryptoKitties, and thanks to blockchain technology, we can never change it and in November 2018, the Kitty Clock, the account we used to release a new Gen 0 every 15 minutes, was closed (again, according to the plan we set when we launched the game). Over the course of the year, the Kitty Clock produced 34,928 Gen 0 Kitties, and by December 2018 an additional 3,087 Gen 0 Kitties is being minted. Kitties of higher generations can be created through breeding, but new Gen 0 cats cannot, ensuring their scarcity and value over time.

Fancy Cats. Each fancy has a cap, meaning that only a certain number of each type of fancy can be produced. For example, the SantaClaws Fancy has reached its limit. So, if you want this Fancy, you can only buy one more. They can no longer be bred. As more people join the game and start collecting Fancies, the demand will increase without increasing the supply, so the value of these Fancies will increase.

Fancy Cats Low ID Number. Kitties are numbered in birth order, so low ID numbers indicate that a Kitty was born early in the game. As we get more and more kitties, the kitties with only four or five digits in their number will really stand out. These early IDs cannot be replicated and owning one is like owning a small piece of CryptoKitties history. Collectors love low serial numbers and we are already seeing these ID Kitties sell for much higher prices than comparable ID Kitties.

Exclusive Cats. Exclusive Kitties are a special type of cat that cannot be produced by breeding. They are usually allowed into the game on special occasions by the developers (who have reserved 5,000 kitties for such purposes). Exclusive cats include kitties like Genesis, Cathena, the three BugCats, the eleven KnightKitties and the sixteen Golden DogCats. Historically, these are some of the most valuable kitties in the game.

Exclusive Kitties. Founder Kitties / Jaguars. There were one hundred Founder Kitties that started the game. There was Kitty #1, which was Genesis, and then there were 99 Jaguars (#2 – #100). These are the only Gen 0 jaguars in existence, so all jaguar cats have a direct ancestral connection to these founder cats. Therefore, jaguar cats seem to have a special appeal to most people. And the Founder Cats themselves are among the most valuable kitties in the game.

Original Artwork / “Misprinted” Kitties. From time to time, kitties are accidentally released with incorrect artwork. When that happens, the developers fix the bug for future kitties, but they do not go back and change the artwork of kitties that have already been created. Want some examples? The artwork for Serpent, Onyx, Ganado, Pouty, and Calicool were all changed slightly. There were two kitties that should have turned into Negato Fancy cats but accidentally came out as regular kitties (#537559, #537593). There were a couple of early Kitties (#21391, #21392) whose artwork does not match their genes at all. The earliest Onyx specimens had black whiskers instead of white. Of course, this does not work very well if the cat’s body is also black.

Art Variations. Low Generation Cats with Mutations. Of all the attributes we see in this game, half were released through Gen 0 cats and the other half were discovered through mutations. Mutations (or “advancements”) occur only in a small proportion of cases, and only when two specific attributes are combined through breeding. For example, if you breed a salmon-colored kitty to a shawdowgrey kitty, you have a small chance of producing a cloud-white kitty. (After that happens, however, the cloud-white kitty may pass on its cloud-white trait as a normal gene.)

Because mutations are more difficult to produce than basic traits, they remain rare in low generations for a much longer period than basic traits. In particular, low generation kitties with multiple mutations or high-ranking mutations (i.e., mutations of mutations) are especially hard to come by.

Mutations Usefulness. Some kitties are valuable because they are useful. Fast decay times. The more a kitty breeds, the slower it becomes at breeding. The amount of time a kitty has to wait between breedings is called a cooldown. The slowest speed is Catatonic, and these kitties must wait a week between each of their breeds. Kitties with a faster cooldown are considered more useful because they can sire multiple offspring before they become catatonic.

Cooldown. Low generation kitties are useful because they have offspring with a fast cooldown. This is because a kitty’s cooldown at birth is determined by its generation. For example, a generation 2 kitty is always born with a fast cooldown and a generation 20 kitty is always born with a slow cooldown. To have offspring with low generation, you need parents with low generation. (A kitty’s generation is one generation higher than its highest generation parent).

Purebred Kitty. For each trait, a kitty has one gene that determines the visible trait, and three hidden genes that may be passed on to offspring.

Purebred Cats Multiple Mutations. The number of mutations you can pack into a kitty increases your chances of passing on those mutations (and perhaps creating higher level mutations!). This can be useful for creating rare kitties or fancies.

Maximizing Mutations. Fancy Breeders Kitties that have multiple traits required to create a fancy are very useful (as long as that fancy is still in production). Even if you do not want to breed a Fancy yourself, you can sell or breed kittens that are useful for creating Fancies. Fancies themselves are very useful for the same reason – you can use Fancies to breed Fancies.

Whether a kitty is beautiful, ugly, or funny, an eye-catching appearance is a great way to attract a buyer’s attention. Esthetics are very subjective, of course, but here are a few things to think about.

Colors. Some colors go well together, like banana cream with pastels or onyx with bright highlights. Other colors clash terribly. Some colors are safe, like cloudy white, because they go with almost everything. Other colors refuse to play nice with anyone. Some colors have great names that evoke feelings of success, like gold. Other colors have names like baby puke. There is a whole rainbow of colors to choose from. Please use them responsibly (or do not).

Eyes and Mouth. A Kitty’s eyes and mouth are the most expressive part of a Kitty’s personality and can often decide the “look” of a Kitty.

Jewels “Family Jewels” are given to the first Kitties to introduce a new attribute into their family, and these jewels can be passed on to their offspring. Jewels are not only beautiful, but they connect your Kitty to the pioneers in the history of CryptoKitties.

The Eye of the Beholder. When it comes to looks, no two people will have exactly the same taste in Kitties. But over time, we will find that the market prefers certain features or combinations of features. Already, it’s pretty clear that American buyers prefer wing tips to crazy eyes.

But that does not mean a cat with crazy eyes cannot defy all odds and get added value by winning a gold medal in a kitty contest. Because it can.

The X-Factor. In addition to the rarity, usefulness, and appearance factors, there is also an “X-Factor” that can add value to Kitties. This X-factor can take any form, such as sentimental value (your first Kitty), celebrity value (Kitty #19143), or even something completely random (a Kitty’s name makes you laugh). Whatever it is, it will always be impossible to put an exact price on each Kitty because each of us appreciates these Kitties in our own way. These kitties are truly unique, and not just unique in the “ERC-721 non-fungible” sense. They are unique in the many ways we can love each one.