Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 9 – Layer 2 games and experiences With Non-Fungible Tokens

Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 9 covers Layer 2 games and experiences With Non-Fungible Tokens.

Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 9 - Layer 2 games and experiences With Non-Fungible Tokens
Blockchain Cryptocurrency NFT Chapter 9 – Layer 2 games and experiences With Non-Fungible Tokens

Let’s talk about Layer 2 solutions and at the end of this chapter we will use CryptoKitties as an example. They focus on a server or group of servers, each of which can be designated as a node, validator, operator, sequencer, block producer, or similar. Depending on the implementation, these Layer 2 nodes may be operated by the individuals, companies, or institutions that use them, or by a third-party provider or large group of individuals (similar to the Mainnet). Generally, transactions are transmitted to these Layer 2 nodes rather than being transmitted directly to Layer 1 (Mainnet). In some solutions, the Layer 2 instance groups the transactions before anchoring them to Layer 1. After that, they are backed up by Layer 1 and cannot be modified. The details of how this is done vary considerably between different Layer 2 technologies and implementations.

And it takes the form of a fungible token called an essay token. The great thing is that the Essay token became a social token for the author because he used it to access a Discord. And he started adding all sorts of other features. For example, if you had that token, you could talk to him about his next work. So that’s an interesting example of the Social Token being sort of a derivative of the NFT. And then, as we mentioned, there are all these additional features that are programmed on top of that. And I wonder if you have seen people do it the other way around or other configurations.

The Immutable X Mint feature allows anyone to create and distribute their tokenized artwork on a large scale. Most platforms that mint non-fungible tokens (NFT) charge fees to create the non-fungible tokens. With Immutable X, however, artists do not have to pay for gas!

Whether you are an artist looking to mint single tokens or a large quantity of tokens, Immutable X can support these requests without gas charges. Both the ERC-721 and ERC-115 token standards are supported. Immutable X is referred to as “high-performance minting” and is designed to get NFTs to market as quickly as possible.

If you have been around the crypto world for a while, you have probably heard of the term “non-fungible token” or “NFT.” Maybe you are a skeptic, a believer, or maybe you still do not know exactly what a non-fungible token is. In any case, this post is for you!

In the post-CryptoKitties era, innovative “Layer Two” games emerged, games that built on CryptoKitties and were developed by third-party developers who had nothing to do with the original CryptoKitties team. The magic of CryptoKitties was that these types of experiences could be developed “permission-free.” Developers could simply build their own applications on top of the public CryptoKitties smart contract. CryptoKitties could, in a sense, take on a life of their own outside of their original environment. For example, Kitty Race allowed you to race your CryptoKitties against each other to win ETH, and KittyHats allowed users to outfit their CryptoKitties with hats and paintings. Later, Wrapped Kitties combined Kitties and DeFi by allowing you to turn your CryptoKitties into fungible ERC20 tokens that could be traded on decentralized exchanges, which had all sorts of interesting implications for the CryptoKitty market. Dapper Labs (the newly formed company behind CryptoKitties) has embraced these projects with the creation of the KittyVerse.

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