Braised Abalone Sea Cucumber Recipe

Braised Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Mushrooms Recipe

This is one of the New Year dish that is deliciously savored. I am delighted to share this prosperity and wealth symbolizing dish to you. Abalones also symbolizes tales of gold. Together with Sea cucumbers and mushrooms it is also nutritious and healthy as well.

Yummy Taste of this Dish :
Abalones are tender, sea cucumbers are soft and chewy, mushrooms are crunchy and juicy. The braising sauce and spices are absorbed into these three ingredients, making it fragrant and tasty.

This dish is so easy to cook as its used ready-made braising sauce and spices powder. Below list the ingredients for the sauce and spices.

Ingredients of braising sauce : Water, Soya Bean, Salt, Sugar, Caramel, Wheat Flour and Spices etc.

Ingredients of spices powder consist of Angelica, Pepper, Wolfberry fruit, Szechwan Lovage Rhizome, Liquorice, Star Anise, Spices, salt, sugar etc.


Ingredients :


– 8 pieces of fresh frozen abalones
– 3 pieces of sea cucumbers
– 15 pieces of dry mushrooms
– 5 slices of ginger
– 10 cloves of garlic (crushed)
– Braising sauce : 3/4 cup (add more to taste)
– Spices powder :2 tbsp. (add more to taste)
– Mirin (or rice wine) : 3 tbsp.
– Water : 600 ml
– Cooking oil
– Salt or seasoning to taste
– Sauce thickener: 2 tbsp. of tapioca flour (or corn flour) mix with 50 ml of water

Before cooking :
(1) Soak dry mushrooms until they are soft, remove stems.

(2) If abalone have shells, lift out abalone flesh from the shells with a small knife, then remove intestines and wash well.

(3) Thoroughly clean and remove remains from insides of sea cucumber. Cut them into bigger pieces, as they easily shrink after cooking.

Cooking method:
(1.) Heat up pot with 2 table spoons of cooking oil, add in ginger slices and crushed garlic, stir fry until fragrant.

(2.) Add in all the ingredients, add 3/4 cup of braising sauce, 2 table spoons of spices powder and 3 table spoons of mirin (or rice wine), Stir fry and mix all ingredients evenly.


(3.) Add in 600 ml of water to the pot with ingredients. Set at medium heat, cover the pot and simmer for 30 minutes. After cooking, add seasoning to taste.

(4) Thicken the sauce : After cooking, drain sauce into another pot, heat up the sauce and slowly add in flour mixture, stir constantly until preferred thickness of sauce.


(5) Add the flavorful braising sauce on to the braised abalone, sea cucumber and mushrooms before serving.