Broiled Asparagus With Egg Recipe

Hello my Friend, happy to share with You this flavorful and beautiful broiled asparagus and tomatoes with eggs and mozzarella, a savory dish with layers of amazing flavor.
Beside eggs, asparagus, tomatoes and golden brown mozzarella cheese, low fat milk is added to the eggs and a thick layer of wheat cracker crumbs is spread between egg mixtures and mozzarella cheese.
When I savor this dish, the eggs is smooth with crunchy asparagus and juicy tomatoes in between, it is savory with a layer of crispy wheat cracker crumbs top with fragrant gold brown mozzarella cheese after it is broiled.


Ingredients :
– Asparagus : 300 grams (cut into small sections)
– Honey cherry tomatoes (red & yellow 12 each) – cut into half)
– wheat crackers : 10 pieces (crush into small crumbs)
– 4 eggs
– Low fat milk : 1/2 cup
– Salt : 1/2 tsp
– Black pepper : 1/2 tsp

Simple Way of Preparation :
(1) Break 10 pieces of wheat crackers into small crumbs, set aside.

(2) Whisk 4 eggs in a bowl; add in milk, asparagus, tomatoes, salt and black pepper. Mix all the ingredients. Pour them onto a baking dish.

(3) On top of the mixed ingredients, spread the wheat crackers crumbs and followed by shredded mozzarella cheese.


(4) Broil in oven at 250 degree C for 20 minutes. Flavorful and beautifully broiled asparagus with golden brown topping of mozzarella cheese is ready to serve.