Buckwheat Noodles Recipe


Introduce you a light and healthy savory lunch  that I cooked- Buckwheat Noodles with Soba Tsuyu (Japanese Soy Sauce), oyster mushroom with Teriyaki sauce and steam egg.

Buckwheat Noodle dipped in Soba Tsuyu Sauce and garnish with salmon and seaweed flakes enhances the flavor of the noodles.  I slightly pan fry the oyster mushroom then added teriyaki sauce. Together with steamed egg garnished with crabstick, mushroom and cilantro makes my lunch enjoyable.


Ingredients and Cooking Methods :

(I)  Noodle ingredients :
– Buckwheat Noodle : 50 grams
– Soba Tsuyu
– Salmon seaweed flakes
– White sesame seeds

Method :
Bring water to boil and cook the buckwheat noodle. Drain well. When    ready to serve, add soba tsuyu to the noodle and top with sesame seeds    and salmon seaweed flakes.

(II)  Mushroom ingredients ;
– Oyster Mushroom
– Teriyaki sauce

Method :
Cut oyster mushrooms into thin slices.  With little oil, pan fry both sides of the mushroom slices. Add in teriyaki sauce when it is cooked.

(III)  Steam egg ingredients:
– An egg
– Dry mushroom (or Shitake mushroom)
– Crab sticks
– Cilantro

(1)  Soak dry mushroom until soften, cut into mushrooms and fish sticks into thin slices.

(2) Beat an egg with some water, pour and sieve the bubbles from beaten egg into a bowl, add in dry mushroom and crab stick.

(3) Steam for 10 minutes or until steam egg is cooked and smooth. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve.

This is a simple easy to cook buckwheat noodle recipe. It is a also a light meal which You can savor. Hope you like it.