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Buy A Mattress Online
Buy A Mattress Online

Sealy Mattress Buying Guide

Let your body decide whether the Sealy Comfort Test is right for you. Test out the mattress, ask yourself questions, and let your body be the judge. Sit on the bed’s edge. How does it feel to have your weight supported? Try lying on your back with your feet off the floor for a few minutes. All the way to the edge, roll onto your side. Is the mattress gentle and conforms to your body all over? Be relaxed and comfortable as you would be at home on your own bed. Also, don’t feel any pressure points, and firmer doesn’t necessarily mean better. You should invest in the best mattress you can afford. A good night’s sleep is one of your best investments. We spend one-third of our lives in bed. In ten years, you’ll spend just cents per night!

How to Choose the Right Mattress for You?

Lookalike products. It’s understandable why people want the cheapest mattress. When you know what you want, you’re more likely to find a mattress you’ll love, night after night. Let’s go shopping! Think about these strategies: Lie on the mattress. Nowadays, it is possible to try online mattresses in a store or in a showroom, even if they were purchased online.

To determine if a mattress is right for you, you should be able to lie on it comfortably. You should inform the salesperson that you would like some time and space, and then spend five to ten minutes lying on your side, back, or stomach, but particularly in the position you normally sleep in. Ensure that your back is not over-arching and that your pressure points are comfortable. Make sure the edge support is adequate by rolling to the edge (and sitting on it).

Decide what level of firmness you want. You might think you want a firm or soft mattress, but different retailers define them differently. Check out the model in a store, then compare it with the ones on the floor that are firmer and softer before deciding what’s most comfortable. Make sure your partner is included. You should try the mattress with your partner if you sleep with one. You’ll be able to make sure there’s enough space and motion isolation. In addition, it makes sense for both of you to be happy with your purchase. Make sure you understand your warranty.

Usually, warranties last 10 to 25 years and cover only manufacturing defects like sagging or loose coil wires. A body impression usually needs to be at least an inch deep to be covered, and coverage is often prorated over time.

In some cases, specific guidelines have to be followed, like using a certain kind of boxspring or frame. Make sure the return policy is generous. You can’t try mattresses before you buy them if you’re shopping online for mattresses. If you decide to return it, look for companies with generous policies, both in terms of the trial period and the refund amount.

So-called comfort guarantees usually last a few weeks to a year. The best seller will offer a full refund or credit toward another mattress. Restocking fees can be up to 15 percent at some retailers. Other than that, you’ll have to pay for pickup or carry the mattress yourself.

If you’re sensitive to chemicals, look into green certifications. GOTS is a certification that ensures a mattress is made of 95 percent organic material and didn’t use any chemical flame retardants or polyurethane in its manufacture. If you want a mattress with low or no VOCs (chemicals from solvents used in mattress manufacturing), that’s the label to look for. Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) ensures that latex mattresses are 95 percent organic and don’t have chemicals or polyurethane. Find out more about mattress certifications in our guide to organic mattress labels.

Save money by not paying full price. Mattresses always go on sale. Be patient, and you’ll probably save a few hundred bucks. Sellers can lower prices by 50 percent or more during their frequent sales because of huge markups. Try to negotiate the price, whether it’s on sale or not. Many retailers, especially specialty chains and even web-based sellers, won’t budge on their prices, unlike warehouse clubs.

Make sure you’re ready on delivery day. Make sure the mattress (and boxspring, if you buy one) are clean and free of stains before accepting delivery. Before you send the driver on his way, make sure the mattress has a label that says “all-new material”. (If it’s not there, refuse delivery.) Keep the label afterward in case you have to file a warranty claim. As soon as you unroll your mattress-in-a-box, check it out, and call customer service if anything seems off. You might need proof of damage, so take pictures.

Summary Of Features And Benefits

  • Generally, it takes 24 – 72 hours for your mattress to regain its shape. A warmer room will make memory foam expand faster. You might have to wait a bit for your mattress to expand from its compressed state when it’s delivered in a cold climate.

  • MATTRESS IN A BOX-Sealy quality and comfort, delivered right to your door and ready to use in 24 hours

  • LAYERS OF COMFORT—Softer memory foam conforms to your body for personalized comfort, while denser foam layers keep you supported

  • COOLER, MORE COMFORTABLE SLEEP-CopperChill memory foam keeps you cool and comfortable during the night

  • This medium mattress is perfect for everyone, whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side

  • With this premium 8 inch mattress, you can rest easy for years to come since it’s shipped directly to you

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