Buy JJRC X12 Online – JJRC X12 Review And Discount

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Buy JJRC X12 Online – JJRC X12 Review And Discount

Lets review the JJRC X12 AURORA 5G WIFI 1.2km FPV GPS Foldable RC Drone. Also, the name is similar to that of the model that inspired it, the JJRC X11. The JJRC X12 incorporates many of the same features as the X11, but it is not identical to it.

Currently, it is a folding drone, as are most drones today. For the drone to be used to its full potential, it must always be able to be carried around. It is possible to accomplish this if the arms are resealable. Once the drone is equipped with GPS, cross and delight, it can be flown without worry and returned to the ground by simply pressing the RTH button.

The X12 does not disappoint, it is equipped with GPS as well as other features! It is on the belly that the optical position sensor, also known as the optical flow or VPU, collides. A lower chamber frames the ground and a sonar constantly checks for lower obstacles when the GPS is not available or disabled.

This is a very useful tool for shooting indoors. As a brushless motor, the X12 is very durable, resistant, and performs well. At least for drones with sufficiently large batteries, this is the best option.

The JJRC X12 is equipped with a 2-cell lipo battery 3400mAh that provides over 20 minutes of autonomy. The sellers who have today in their catalog JJRC X12 declare that it is a 2K camera with a resolution of 2048 X 1152 pixelThere is a wide angle lens on this camera, measuring 110 degrees.rames per second. The lens is quite wide, at 110°.

Using the remote control, the camera can be adjusted in 90 degree increments. Video is also transmitted to your smartphone using the frequency of 5Ghz, or the phone must have wifi dual band (ac band). You will not be able to view the video from the phone’s screen, nor will you be able to interact with the application to activate additional features (so check first!). The declared video range is 300-500m.

Additionally, JJRC X12 provides information on distances, heights, batteries, satellite numbers, etc., which differs from X11 from this perspective. One of the most popular flight modes is known as the Circle mode. If there is a loss of signal or a low battery, the GPS will automatically return the unit.