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Buy Tulips Online
Buy Tulips Online

Some tips for artificial tulips

Alternatives to traditional white flower arrangements include artificial tulip bouquets. Even though tulips are so popular, they can be expensive. All the meaning and beauty of a tulip bouquet can be carried around with you with an artificial tulip bouquet.

Thanks to their soft petals, silk tulip bouquets look and feel like real tulips, so to your wedding guests, they’ll be able to tell the difference. Choosing the right colors for your artificial tulip wedding bouquet is easy. Buy just one artificial tulip, or buy more than one, mix and match them to make the artificial tulip bouquet of your dreams.

Designed from premium materials, each artificial flower lasts for a long time. Place the bouquet in beautiful glass vases and keep it as a keepsake. Tulips are loved not just for their beauty but because of the meaning behind the tulip flower as well. Traditionally, tulips have been given as a symbol of deep love to romantic partners, parents, children, siblings, and close friends. We’ll deliver your artificial tulip bouquets right to your door.

Features Of This Beautiful Tulips

  • A clear glass vase handcrafted with real touch tulips

  • We make each order from scratch

  • Flowers are natural products, so handle them with care

  • Flower Size: 2″ Diameter (Approx) Vase Size: 4.00″W 6.00″H Overall Height: 12″

  • Artificial mixed flower arrangement perfect for weddings, restaurants, offices, or home decor

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