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WaterWipes are a type of baby wipe or diaper. It is designed to be natural and gentle on the skin of your baby. It is possible to use these unique wipes even on newborn babies. In addition to being made from gentle ingredients, they also help nourish and protect your baby’s skin, rather than damaging it with harsh chemicals.

The moisturizing wipes are wetted with 99.9% purified water, while the remaining 0.1% is fruit extract. To be precise, grapefruit seed extract. As a natural antimicrobial agent, this is effective.

What is the benefit of using WaterWipes? In the first place, they do not contain chlorine, alcohol, or any other ingredients that can irritate your baby’s skin. Considering a newborn goes through six to ten diapers per day, that is a lot of diapers. Every diaper change requires at least two wipes, sometimes more. You are rubbing your newborn’s delicate skin a great deal.

Even though you can use these from birth without any problems, some parents may not consider alternatives to chemicals until their baby suffers from diaper rash. The wipes claim to reduce the risk of diaper rash due to the absence of chemicals, making them more attractive to parents whose children have experienced unpleasant and painful rashes in the past.

In terms of appearance and feel, WaterWipes are similar to other diaper wipes. They are packaged in a convenient plastic package with a resealable lid. As a result, the wipes remain saturated and ready for use for a longer period of time. The wipes can feel a bit dry to some users. As a result of the lack of chemicals, the water sometimes settles towards the bottom of the package after you seal the package and massage it.

There are many uses for this product. WaterWipes are not only useful for diapering, but can also be used for other purposes. This was one of the benefits I liked most about them. It is certainly true that I have been guilty of using regular baby wipes to remove dirt from my face or to wash sticky hands. The problem is that the chemicals in the wipes often leave the baby feeling slightly sticky. As a result, I was able to use Water Wipes on the baby’s face and hands without feeling guilty.

The color would be removed from car seats for children or babies. It was an eye-opening experience. WaterWipes are also suitable for older children. As a result of a sports activity, my older children used them to clean up afterward. In order to remove some of the sweat, they would wipe down before getting into the car. The fresh air made for a less smelly car ride home, and they enjoyed the experience.

Previously, they have requested that I purchase specialty wipes for this purpose. Being able to carry one multi-purpose item in the car is much easier, less expensive, and easier to store. You should be aware that WaterWipes cannot be flushed. The wipe is composed of 20% viscose and 80% polyester. As a result, it is only 20% biodegradable. It would be a good idea for you to try a pack of WaterWipes. There is no chemical residue left behind after using them, so they are strong enough to handle large messes. Prices are comparable to those of other wipes in the sensitive market. In addition, they have a variety of uses for a wide range of ages.

Using only 99.9 percent purified water and a drop of fruit extract, WaterWipes are pure baby wipes made in Ireland. Pure baby wipes provide all the benefits of cotton wool and cooled boiled water as recommended by midwives. Featuring a clean, fresh non-greasy feel, they are extra soft, strong, and absorbent. With WaterWipes, baby’s skin is gently cleansed. Make-up can also be removed with WaterWipes.