Ankace Grow Light Review | 36 LED 5 Dimmable Levels Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Welcome You to a complete Ankace Grow Light Review. It is a bestseller with a 4.5 star rating in Amazon. I highly recommend this product to You. Read on below as I review the features and benefits of this grow light.

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Ankace Grow Light Review 36 Indoor LED Grow Lights

List of Benefits of this product
1) CYCLE TIMING FUNCTION – You can set 2 groups of timers for the 2 plant lights for different sets of plants. Different plants require different timings. Check out the guide below

a) Short-day plants – 12 hours per day
b) Long day plants – 14 to 18 hours per day
c) Day neutral plants 8 to 12 hours per day all year round

You can grow 2 types of plants if you like with this understanding and timing function.

a) Short day flowers and plants include chrysanthemums, kalanchoe, azaleas and begonias.
b) Long-day plants
include most seedlings for vegetables and garden flowers.
c) Day-neutral plants
including foliage plants, geraniums, coleus and African violets

2) It is versatile and can be used at various locations and situations like hydroponic greenhouse at your home or your own office.  As you can see from benefit number 1, certain plants require long hours of light to have good growth. You can essentially speed up the growth of your plants and flowers easily with the timer controlled lights besides being versatile enough to be used a various locations at your home and office. It is a dual benefit that works hand in hand with each other.


The LED Lights of Red And Blue each have their function for providing great health to the plants and flowers

a) The 12 Blue LED helps the plant in synthesis of chlorophyll and allows them to take in more energy and nutrients. This make your plant more nutrient dense and less light to wither and cause browing.

b) 24 Red LED chip helps in 3 ways
b1) germination
b2) flowering, and
b3) enhances photosynthesis for better results.

What does germination mean?
The grow light helps the seedling to grow to a structured plant. Other factors come into play for it to become successful like temperature, water, oxygen or air. Light is also an important factor.

For Flowering, a important factor is the physiological reaction of plants and flowers to the length of day or night. That is where the timing function of this Ankace Grow Light is so important.

Photosynthesis is a process used by plants  convert light energy into chemical energy such as carbohydrates and sugars that can later be released to give fuel to such plants and flowers.


For various stages of the plant growth requires different light intensity. I suppose for most plants as they grow bigger, they require more grow light. There are 5 modes making it flexible and easy to adjust.

For seedlings they require 120–150 micromoles/sec/m²

Most houseplants need between 50 and 1,000 foot candles

For flowers, it is 2000 to 3000 Kelvin Range.

Even for seedlings, houseplants and flowers, they all require different modes of lighting themselves at various stages.

3 switch modes include, turning on red led only, blue only or turning both on. It really depends on whether it is a (blue) plant or (red) flowering plant.

In a nutshell, Plants that get alot of blue light will have strong, healthy stems and leaves. Red light is gives flowering plants ability to produce healthy flowers and fruit.

5) ADJUSTABLE DESIGN – It has a usb connector that you can connect to your home or office.  It has a 360 degrees gooseneck that can be adjusted so that it can light up wider area of plants and flowers. The main factor is the angle at which the grow light is shining on the plants and flowers.

Good reviews from other actual users

  1. There are people who grow succulents and peppers and have been getting good results. They all gave positive feedback.
  2. They also mentioned the price is good and affordable for its good function and flexibility.
  3. The clamp is strong and sturdy.  You can clamp it at any place you deem good and comfortable for your plants and flowers.
  4. People have been successful in getting seedlings to grow well.
  5. Some of them also felt the light is stronger than expected.
  6. Some of their dying plants came back to life after using this Ankace LED Grow Light.

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