Antminer S9k 14t Bitcoin Miner Review

Antminer S9k 14t Bitcoin Miner Review

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How to install The Machine Guide.
The Ethernet cable must be connected to your miner and to the router/switch. Additionally, you will need a server grade power supply with a capacity of at least 1400W. There are ten PCI-E 6-pin power cables that need to be connected to the top of the miner’s power headers. One cable is required for the controller board, while nine cables are required for the hash boards.

As soon as the initial setup is completed, power on the miner and locate the miner IP address. As the A3 miner defaults to DHCP in the network settings, an IP address will automatically be assigned to the miner by the router device’s DHCP pool. A miner IP address can be found by checking the router configuration page, using the IP Report tool provided by Bitmain at their website, or using any other software program that scans IP addresses.

Updates on Antminer
During the past three years, Antminer S9 has continued to dominate the bitcoin mining industry. We conducted a special trial experience with Antminer S9K and S9SE, the latest two models in Bitmain’s Antminer S9 series.

It is worth noting that the Antminer S9 remains one of the most popular miners to this very day. It was the world’s first Bitcoin miner to use 16nm chips, an extremely powerful chip that continues to power the world’s most power-efficient bitcoin miner to this day.

Following the completion of all the miner settings, it was time to test the miner and observe its operation. It was found that the average hash rate was approximately 830 Gh/s, so it was actually even slightly more effective than advertised. As opposed to overestimating the nominal hashrate, it is a good idea to slightly underestimate it.

Here is a screenshot of the miner status page after the miner has been running for one hour. This will keep your customers happy and prevent any disappointments.

The evolution of technology and increasing mining difficulty will end the life of a bitcoin miner, based on the experience of bitcoin mining in the past. One miner model has a service life of up to one year. In the years since the first ASIC miner was invented in 2013, such a pace of service life has never been surpassed.

In July 2019, Antminer S9K and S9SE were launched at a time when the bitcoin market had just experienced a small peak with a price of US $12,000 on the market. There is a possibility that this miner was born for the current market conditions.

In comparison to the Antminer S9, Antminer S9K and S9SE are smaller and shorter in terms of their external dimensions. The dimensions of the product are 321.3*129.6*200mm, and the weight is 4.56 kilograms.

Unlike the Antminer s9, the Antminer s9 requires a power supply unit (PSU). Whenever you purchase an Antminer, please keep in mind that you will need to spend an additional $150 on a power supply. According to Bitmain (the manufacturer of Antminer), APW3-12-1600-B2 is recommended, which is available on their website, on Amazon, and on eBay at different price points.

S9 Special Edition (SE) and S9k feature a new design structure that enhances performance while limiting power consumption. With a power efficiency rating of 85 J/TH, the S9k hashes at a rate of 13.5 TH/s.

As a result of the Antminer S9 launch, the great bitcoin bull run of 2017 began, leading to unprecedented highs of $19,783. Like Bitcoin, it has remained a strong component of the cryptocurrency industry over the years.

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