Relationship Rescue Workbook: Transform Yourself To Have Long Lasting, Loving and Affectionate Relationships with Actionable And Practical Steps Kindle Edition

Want to save your relationship by reading Relationship Rescue Workbook. There are practical tips and tricks to saving your relationship. Transforming yourself to having long lasting, loving and affectionate relationships. Learn how to communicate by listening and accepting your loved ones, colleagues, school mates, teachers and friends.

There are actionable steps you can take as shared in this book that can transform your relationships to be more loving, understanding and you will embrace others with love and affection like never before.

Inside you will discover
1) How Listening To Each Other Builds Loving Bonds
2) Asking the Right Questions
3) Gestures of Love to Rekindle Your Love
4) Sharing Joy Builds Strong Foundations of Love
5) Turn Arguments to Productive Conversations
6) Giving and Accepting Love
7) And More…

Chinese Proverbs And Popular Sayings: Bilingual Book with Both Chinese and English Words – Gain Wisdom and Understanding Kindle Edition

Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings

Want to gain wisdom and understanding from chinese proverbs and popular sayings. Become wiser and be full of wisdom when reading this book. The are ancient sayings from the wise that have gone through life with experience and knowledge. There is English translation of Chinese words in this book, both languages are present in this book. You can also take the opportunity to learn Chinese language too. It is a great bilingual to improve your language skills as well.

Inside this book You will discover
– Cause and Effect
– Impossiblities
– Resolutions
– Business
– Studies
– Fortune
– Joy and Sorrow
– Man
– Morals

And much more…

Spiritual Warfare Workbook: My Personal Experience To Victory Against Satan And Demons Kindle Edition


Want to learn practical exorcism from my spiritual warfare workbook. I have 25 years of battle experience with a lot of strategies and tactics against the attacks of the devil and his demons. Learn the exact prayers that I use to overcome the fierce attacks from the devil and demons and emerge victorious.

Inside you will discover
1) How to call upon God Jesus The Holy Spirit and Angels to protect You
2) Learn spiritual training to give you spiritual strength and power
3) How taking medicine can help you in your spiritual protection
4) Having the will to be righteous can help you win the War against the devil and demons
5) My personal experience and battles against the devil and demons.
And more….

How To Draw Caricatures For Beginners: Master Caricature Drawing In 7 Days Kindle Edition

How To Draw Caricatures For Beginners

Want to easily learn expert tips and tricks on How To Draw Caricatures For Beginners without difficulty but with ease and skill. Draw life like, interesting and comical characters that attract eyeballs and people’s attention.

Important and easy to understand techniques are taught in this ebook. You can easily master and start drawing once you read it. Bring your comic characters to life and create beautiful, interesting and funny elements into your drawing.

Inside You will discover
– Pen and Lines
– Head Drawing
– Drawing of Emotions
– Draw Expressions
– Exaggeration Drawing
– Actions and Movements
– And More…