Cute adorable kitten in basket

Some random thoughts

Oh my this kitten is so cute 🙂 Always treasure your cat or kitten. They may sometimes be proud or they may be friendly. It depends on their mood and nature. But it seems that if you are close to your kitten or cat and they warm up with you. You tend to have a close bond and friendly relationship with your pet. 

I usually notice my neighbor’s cat to be staring and weary of me. I wonder why. It seems they are more afraid of outsiders who are not from their home.

However, some wild kittens would meow at me and as a courtesy I meow back to them. It seems that wild kittens are more friendlier and approachable.

I use to pat my neighbor’s cat and it likes me a lot whenever I pass by its home, I get to see it. I never got to know it’s name but it seems that I formed a nice and loving bond with it. Till this day, I miss the cat as it has passed away. I never got to see the cat one day and I always miss it.

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Anthony Zheng Gao

Adelie Penguin jumping between two ice floes

by Nick

Adelie penguin having fun by jumping between two ice floes.

Animals are precious

We need to protect the animals and our environment for the future sake of the future generations. The animals are precious as we need them for nature’s food chain to occur.  I like penguins as they cute and adorable. Their beauty lies in the way they walk.

We also need to protect our seas from pollution. It is vital not to throw plastic waste and garbage to the sea. And there is also the issue of global warming. As of now, there are a lot of pollutants that are gathered in the our Earth atmosphere. You can search for images on the web to find out more. Satellite images reveal the state of air quality of Earth. This will affect the polar ice caps and will also impact the penguins.

Perhaps, if there is technology to remove the pollutants in a cheap and cost effective way there will be less pollutants in our Earth’s atmosphere. Let us all do our part in protecting our environment and all the animals.

Peace and Kudos to people who are environmentally friendly


Anthony Zheng Gao


Milford Sound, New Zealand


Beautiful scenery of rainbows and waterfall at Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Some Random Thoughts

I recall that my mum went to New Zealand when I was 4 to 5 years old and it was donkey years ago that it happens. She was enjoying herself in New Zealand and it was a great experience for her. I am actually happy for her that she had a great experience.

When I was 18 years old, I went to Europe with my mum and grandma and some of the places were France, England, Austria and Germany. We saw castles, sat on horse carriages, ate at restaurants went to see sights. We even went to the Vatican City and been at the Saint Petersburg Church. I got to see the painting of Napoleon at a French museum and experience going to a palace. The palace is so huge and big with beautiful decorations and such.

The most important part is that we took a lot of pictures and kept them in our photo album as remembrance.

About 4 years back, my grandma passed away and I was really very sad. But the photos remain and I could remember the happy times when we are together. I still think of my grandma and she does appear in my dreams. I really miss her and I hope to see her again someday.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts. I am glad that you read my article and feelings. I hope you can treasure your loved ones and times together.
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Anthony Zheng Gao

Beautiful Red Wick Flower At My Balcony

Hi Dear Friends, I like to share a beautiful and exquisite flower called red wick flower. This flower is shaped like a leaf but also looks as beautiful as a flower. That is the beauty of this flower. I hope you like this flower and I wish that it brightens your day. 

Red Wick Flower

Some Random Thoughts

You can gift your family and friends some plants or flowers. If they have interest in gardening, then it is a perfect gift for them. I once bought a pink cactus for my mum. I thought it would make her happy and she was.

Flowers bring life to your garden. Their color and vibrancy gives you a hopeful, happy and joyful feeling. As you see butterflies going to  your flowers and pollinating, you amaze at the wonder of nature. I used to see bougainvillea flowers in my balcony porch. My grandma would bury fish intestines in the soil of the flower pot.

The flowers grew so beautifully brightly colored. I was so happy and enjoyed admiring the flowers. I was in primary school at that time and I really admire my grandma for her knowledge and understanding of gardening.

However, I suggest you use compost tea or coffee bags or kitchen waste as organic waste for your garden. I like to recommend you my book which is titled “Vegetable Gardening Bible below. There are tons of useful content on organic gardening. Click The Buy Button Below. You can also click the Free Preview button if you like.


Beautiful and Exquisite Hai Tang Flowers (Chinese Flowering Apple)

Welcome to my balcony to enjoy admiring this Beautiful and Exquisite Hai Tang Flowers (Chinese Flowering Apple) that I bought during Chinese New Year. They are so delicate and pretty. I hope it brightens your day as you see this beautiful photo.

Hai Tang Flower Chinese Flowering Apple

I remember it was Chinese New Year when this flower pot is bought. It brings such joy and happiness to my family who are my mum and grandma. It is worthwhile to get such a beautiful pot of flower. The best part is that it brightens your mood and brings you joy when you admire the hai tang flower.

I encourage you try out gardening as a hobby to take care of plants and flowers. It is a good exercise and brings you inner peace, happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment when you start gardening. I have a gardening channel here. Click link below to find out more >>

My gardening channel hosts a lot of topics including growing flowers, pumpkins, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, greenhouse building and much more. There are a lot of in-depth videos that can enlighten you and let you learn more about gardening.

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Anthony Zheng Gao

Adorable Cat Sleeping At Flower Pot

During a hot afternoon, I and my mum was walking along our neighbour’s corrider and chanced upon a cute and adorable cat sleeping comfortably at flower pot all curled up. I am guessing the soil in the flower pot must be soft, warm and comfortable for the cat. That is so cute and wonderful. We took a photo for you to see. Check out the photo below.

adorable cat sleeping at flower pot

Later, the cat woke up as we took photos of it resting. Oh my, I guess the clicking sound of the camera woke the cat up.

cat awaken by camera's clicking sound

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