JG Maker JG-A600 Industrial 3d Printer Review

Welcome To The JG Maker JG-A600 Industrial 3d Printer REVIEW

JG Maker JG-A600 Industrial 3d Printer

A large printing volume of up to 23.6×22.8×14.9 in, with a precision level of 0.05 mm, allowing the creation of a variety of complex-structured precision parts and assemblies.
Wire heating on silicone plates. Much more efficient and advantageous than ordinary heating methods with fans on the market today.
The core control element is based on patent technology. Spot mode can be switched freely, significantly improving printing efficiency and meeting the high efficiency requirements of product development.
Liquid levels are automatically regulated to eliminate liquid surface fluctuation, coating thickness reaches 0.05 mm, and printing surfaces are high-accurate and smooth.
Consumables for various industries, such as medical orthopaedics, auto parts, industrial structures, furniture, aerospace and aviation, and other medical fields.

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