Jesus Bible Study – An In-Depth Look Into Jesus’s Wisdom and Love For Greater Wealth, Relationships and Success In Life (Volume Book 1) Kindle Edition

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ, I welcome you to discover Jesus identity as God, All Powerful, All Loving and Everlasting.

Some Practical Tips

      1.  Know that Jesus is God and Is Omnipotent. Pray to Jesus for miracles and what you want. Have Faith In Him. Ask Jesus for wisdom, power, love and courage to face your struggles, challenges and difficulties and emerge victorious.
      2. From the Sermon of the Mount in the Bible, we know that Jesus always repeat blessings and describe various groups of people who are either poor in spirit or meek and so on. This means that Jesus is a blessing and through him you are blessed. Have faith and pray for his blessings.
      3. Half of Jesus’s Sermons is on Wealth and Money. You need to invest or grow your money whether it is a business or placing your money in a bank for interest. It is about the growth mindset that you have. It also applies to not just wealth but your spirituality, health and mind, body and soul. 

    In A Nutshell, Have a growth mindset and mentality

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