Logitech G923 Game Racing Wheel Review

Logitech G923 Game Racing Wheel Review

Logitech G923 Game Racing Wheel Review

There is a new force feedback system available in Logitech’s G923 racing wheel, which adds an additional layer of force feedback over prior models such as the Logitech G29 and G920. A technology dubbed ‘Trueforce’ uses data from the physics and audio packages of supported racing games to deliver additional sensations and vibrations to the wheel rim and to your hands.

The result does feel richer in comparison, although as a relatively new product there is limited support for the feature within the racing and driving genre. The Logitech G923 has previously been offered in a variety of console-specific models, including the G920 for Xbox One and the G29 for PlayStation 4 (which are essentially the same product with a set of LED rev indicator lights and a 24-point selection dial).

Logitech has reduced the disparity between the two camps this time around. The G923 comes in two versions – one with typical PlayStation controls built-in, one with Xbox controls, and both are compatible with PCs – but now both versions have been given the same name and the same features (namely the same 24-point selection dial and LED rev indicator lights).

Also compatible with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the G923 will be available in a variety of colors. Logitech G29 (left) versus Logitech G923 (right)The only major physical difference between the G920 and G923 is the presence of the dial and lights. Otherwise, the G923 is virtually identical.

The exposed brushed metal on the G923 rim is black (as opposed to the gun metal gray on the G29) and the shift paddles are black (they were silver on the G29). Apart from that, they are essentially identical. The base, the clamps, the button shapes and layout, the leather-wrapped rim with the same stitching – even the blue aluminum strip marking the top center of the wheel are the same.

As for the clutch, brake, and accelerator pedals, they are also essentially identical to the G29/G920 pedals, with the only difference being the logo beneath the brake pedal. The only difference is on the inside; the G923 replaces the rubber stopper under the G29/G920 with a progressive spring that becomes more firm as it is depressed.

Despite being compatible with the current Logitech standalone shifter, the G923 does not come with one. Logitech G923 – PerformanceIn games without ‘Trueforce’ compatibility (or with Trueforce toggled off), the G923 performs in a similar manner to the G29/G920 (which were not exactly a quantum leap ahead of the G27 in 2010). Since it is still a gear-driven wheel, the force feedback is decent but not particularly nuanced, and bumps still cause the whole wheel unit to rattle.

However, dialing down the FFB in-game can often help tame the knocking in Logitech wheels, although numbing the FFB also defeats the purpose of purchasing a wheel in the first place. Although Trueforce definitely enhances the sensations experienced through the wheel, it also makes the wheel even louder than usual when enabled. With Trueforce, for example, the G923 is able to connect to the in-game audio and deliver a constant vibration to the wheel rim to simulate the throbbing engine reverberating through the cabin and into the controls.

The stronger the vibration, the higher the revs. You can still hear the G923 sound as if it is going through its own rev range even if the game volume is muted on your gaming TV, soundbar and speaker system. It is similar to that slightly distant, tinny sound you get when playing a game and you think your speakers are malfunctioning until you realize you have just forgotten to unplug your gaming headset.

Using actual game physics and audio in real-time, Trueforce connects directly to in-game engines, processing up to 4000 times per second. In layman’s terms, it would appear to be a general buzzing when the engine is running. Even at idle, this extra vibration does not interfere with other more important feedback and cornering forces, and it helps vehicles feel more alive.

Toggling off the Trueforce system after using it made me feel somewhat disconnected from my virtual vehicle. As a result, the system is more immersive, even though it produces some noise. Of course, the additional caveat is that Trueforce is only currently supported in a few games. Trueforce is currently supported only by Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and 2019’s Grid.

It is more immersive, despite the fact that the force feedback system makes a bit of a racket. Regarding the pedals, only the brake feels different from the G29/G920. The G923 now has a progressive spring under the brake that makes it harder to depress the brake the further you stomp on it (the G29/G920 has a rubber stopper, which is effective but cruder to simulate the building hydraulic force of a brake pedal – although it creates a distinct two-stage effect where the pedal first hits the stopper).

As the G923 is depressed, it feels better until it taps against the base at its maximum deflection. A slightly softer stopper would have given it a super firm feel at 100% depressed, without the clunk caused by reaching the limit of the base. Best Xbox One Controller10 ImagesLogitech G923 – Purchasing Guide. It remains a good mid-priced choice for newcomers looking to try out a sim racing setup without paying a wallet-assassinating premium (although it is certainly at the top end of the mid-price spectrum), as has been the case with the dependable G29/G920 before it (and the G27 before them).

It is hard, however, to recommend it for those who already own a G29 or G920 due to limited Trueforce support at present and few seismic changes to the wheel elsewhere.

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Brilliant Smart Home Control (3-Switch Panel)

Brilliant Smart Home Control (3-Switch Panel)

Brilliant Smart Home Control (3-Switch Panel)

A majority of smart light switches are capable of controlling only one thing – your lighting. Wouldn’t it be great if that switch could operate everything in your home? Brilliant’s eponymous smart home controller is based on this principle.

It replaces a simple light switch with a sleek, in-wall controller that provides easy access to smart home devices. Moreover, the Brilliant controller is among the best Apple HomeKit products, so it will be of particular interest to HomeKit users.

Despite its brilliant concept, the $299 price limit limits its application as a whole-home accessibility solution. For smaller rooms and spaces, Brilliant has added a more affordable smart dimmer switch to its home automation system. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a less expensive option, we recommend checking out our list of the best smart light switches.

Through its 5-inch touch screen display, the Brilliant panel can control a variety of smart-home devices such as a Sonos sound system, Ecobee or Honeywell Lyric thermostat, or Philips Hue light bulbs. Currently, Brilliant is only compatible with two other smart systems, Ring and SmartThings, and its list of compatible devices is limited.

Also, the Brilliant panel comes equipped with Alexa, so you might not need to touch it at all. Despite not providing a timeline, Nest and other devices will be supported in the near future.

From Amazon’s Echo to Samsung’s SmartThings hub, Brilliant competes with a wide variety of rival products. Brilliant offers more hardware features than any of its competitors, including a touch-screen home controller, motion sensor, and video camera. All of these factors contribute to the $299 price tag of the single-switch controller. Although it promises easy access to your smart-home gadgets, the Brilliant remains in its infancy.

It is necessary to install some wiring in order to install the Brilliant smart home controller
The Brilliant controller should be easy to install if you are comfortable shutting off the power in your home, using a voltage tester, and switching out electrical outlets and switches. In most cases, it takes less than 30 minutes to install and replaces a single light switch.

The screw-in connection points on the back of the Brilliant controller did not fit securely with the heavy-gauge copper wiring in my house. This required me to add the supplied extensions that used thinner gauge wires. This effectively doubled the amount of wiring that would have to be tucked back inside the switch’s electrical box, making it difficult to reinstall the switch. It may be necessary to use a box extender (or longer screws) if you encounter a similar situation.

Although Brilliant’s instructions are sufficient for helping you connect wires in different configurations, including those with dimmer switches, some additional online guidance for more unusual situations would be appreciated. I discovered that my existing switch had three (unused) white neutral wires. Instead of stringing one wire into the back of the Brilliant switch, those wires had to be ganged together and an extension wire added to reach the Brilliant connection – something that is not described in the instructions.

The controller is not compatible with some unusual dimming switch configurations, but in most homes, you should be able to find a switch that the controller will work with.

Once the wiring has been completed, the controller must be validated online and linked to an email address so that settings can be backed up. After Brilliant scans for Wi-Fi networks, you select the correct one and enter the password, as well as adding names to the device location and place (room). If you have previously set up a Nest or similar smart-home device, this process will be familiar to you.

Due to the fact that the Brilliant controller replaces a light switch, it is first and foremost an intelligent light switch. You can turn the lights on and off by swiping down on the screen. It is a fast and efficient process.

Remote control of the connected light is also possible through the app. With Brilliant, you can enable its motion detector to automatically turn on the lights after five minutes of inactivity and then turn them off after five minutes of inactivity. I used this feature to trigger a light at the top of the stairs, where I usually have difficulty finding the switch. You can also use Brilliant as a motion-activated nightlight so that you do not stumble around in the dark.

The motion sensor on Brilliant’s 1280 x 720 color display can also be used to turn the display on and off. It is a convenient option if you do not wish to keep the LCD display on at all times. You can also use it as a digital picture frame to display a slideshow of meditative images. In addition to the preprogrammed photos, Brilliant also allows you to upload your own photos from your phone. You can even center and crop photos in the Brilliant app to fit the vertical screen of the controller. It is smart. Parents who would like to display pictures of their children will find it ideal.

Upon connecting to your Wi-Fi network, the Brilliant controller will attempt to discover compatible devices. In my test house, for example, it found Honeywell and Sonos devices without difficulty. Cameras such as Piper and a number of other connected devices, such as garage door openers, door locks, and water sensors, were not compatible with it.

The process of setting up music control was straightforward. I was able to connect Brilliant to my Sonos system automatically. Your favorite items will also appear on the Brilliant screen if you have them listed in your Sonos app. In this case, you can simply add favorite stations – such as your favorite Pandora stations – to the Sonos favorites list, and these will automatically appear on the Brilliant screen. By using the in-wall controller, you will be able to adjust the volume, pause and skip tracks.

Smart home controller with Alexa capabilities
Even better, Brilliant comes with Amazon Alexa built-in, eliminating the need to purchase an Amazon Echo or Dot. By linking Brilliant to your Alexa account, you can add any skills you have already enabled. Using your voice, for example, you can turn on or off the lights. Besides setting an alarm, you may also ask Alexa questions such as the weather forecast or the latest news from the BBC. There was also a feature that displayed my location and the three-day forecast on the Brilliant screen as part of the Alexa weather skill. The volume and sensitivity of Alexa may be adjusted if the assistant becomes too intrusive.

Although the Brilliant’s tiny built-in speaker is adequate for spoken programs such as the news summary, it should not be used as a substitute for a Sonos speaker. The volume levels and clarity of the speakers are insufficient to play music satisfactorily.

Compatibility with smart homes
The Brilliant smart-home device is compatible with Ring, Sonos, Philips Hue, Google Assistant Alexa, SmartThings, Ecobee, and Honeywell Lyric as of the time of this review. It is a good start, but much more needs to be done. It is also one of the best Apple HomeKit products available.

Brilliant allows you to coordinate smart devices to work together. For example, you can tag these scenes for “Bedtime” or “Morning,” so that they turn on lights, music, and heat when you awaken. The limited number of compatible products, however, makes it not very flexible at the moment.

Brilliant’s remote control is no different. The Sonos app cannot be used to turn on and off your music when you are away from home. Lighting and heating can, however, be accessed and adjusted. In the future, Brilliant plans to continue adding more remote capabilities. Each feature must be enabled by Brilliant.

In the same manner, the video intercom can only be used between Brilliant switches within your residence. As with an Echo speaker, you cannot use the feature to Skype friends on the other side of the world. Those who find cameras in the home creepy will be pleased to learn that Brilliant included a feature we would like to see in every webcam: a sliding cover that prevents anyone from spying on you. It is only the cover that conceals the camera, so the motion sensor will work regardless of whether the cover is present.

Brilliant also offers a controller with a touch screen and two touch-sensitive slider controls in addition to the touch-screen-only model I tested. You can use these sliders to dim the lights or adjust the volume of a connected speaker. A panel with three sliders is available for $399 and a panel with four sliders is available for $449.

The Brilliant controller offers a number of advantages. Compared to competing smart speakers and dedicated hubs, it has many advantages in terms of its design and overall approach. For example, the Brilliant controller can be operated without the use of a smartphone. With its motion sensor and display, you do not have to provide constant technical support for other members of your family in order to use it. A built-in Alexa service makes it even more intelligent.

Brilliant would be more useful if it could control more than a few devices. Brilliant’s controller will truly live up to its name if it continues to add support for more connected hardware.

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Soulaca Smart Mirror TV Review | In-depth Look At Its Features And Benefits

Soulaca Smart Mirror TV Review | In-depth Look At Its Features And Benefits

You can use Soulaca TVs in bathrooms, shower rooms, or in other wet environments as they are IP66 waterproof rated. Our mirror glass has been perfected over the course of 10 years at Soulaca TV.

It is important to know which TV will fit comfortably on the table to use it due to the differences in size between the different TVs Soulaca. You will receive the highest quality of support from a good TVs Soulaca company.

Mirror Glass Choices Our mirror glass is unique and exclusively used by MirrorVue. With over 15 years of perfecting our mirror glass, we are proud to say that we offer the best on the market.

When the TV is turned off, the silver color disappears completely. Suitable for bathrooms, salons, makeup mirrors, restrooms, changing rooms, and dressing rooms.

As soon as the television is turned off, the advertisement disappears completely. It is suitable for use in stores, malls, elevators, points of sale, public areas, and restaurants.

When turned off, tinted televisions disappear by 80%. This product is suitable for use in living rooms, bedrooms, home theaters, and restaurants.

When the TV is turned off, the black color does not disappear. When the Bronze TV is turned off, it does not disappear. It can be used in living rooms, restaurants, lobby areas, bedrooms, etc.

When the TV is turned off, the gold does not disappear. It is suitable for use in living rooms, restaurants, lobby areas, bedrooms, etc. The Rose Gold TV does not disappear when it is turned off. It is suitable for use in living rooms, restaurants, lobby areas, bedrooms, etc. When the TV is turned off, the gold color disappears completely. Suitable for use in living rooms, restaurants, lobby areas, bedrooms, etc.

Mirror TVs serve both as mirrors and televisions. It is a simple mirror when turned off, but transforms into a television screen when it is turned on.

The frames play an important role in mirror TV customization, as they enhance the beauty of the TV and make it appear more like a mirror when the TV is turned off. TV mirror frames are similar to those used for paintings and photographs, but they are built differently since they are designed to hold a mirror and a television.

Some Features And Warranty
LUXURY MAGIC MIRROR TV – A 32″ touch screen smart mirror is always up-to-date, displaying television programs when turned on and displaying a mirror when turned off. Featuring IP66 waterproof capabilities, this TV is ideal for bathrooms, hotels, and kitchens. You will be able to control your TV 50% faster than if you used a remote control. The integrated speakers are excellent, but external speakers are not included.).

SMART TV SYSTEM – You can access channels without a TV box using a smart digital TV with Android 11.0 system. The updated apps can be downloaded from TV APP store. No aerial required! Full HD ready with a 16:9 screen and a resolution of 1920×1080, providing high quality and vivid pictures.

INTERFACE – TV/HDMI/USB/Audio Out/LAN/Wireless/Bluetooth/Integrated Wi-Fi. TV works on 12 Volt DC and is suitable for use in wet environments.

DIMENSION&INSTALLATION – Dimensions (W x H x D): 728W x 440H x 48D mm. Can be mounted either surface mounted or recessed. Installation can be seen in the last picture.

SHIPPING&WARRANTY – We usually ship out your order within 3 working days of receiving your payment. Shipping is handled by DHL, FedEx/UPS and the estimated delivery time for your TV is 3-7 working days. Soulaca TVs come with a 2 year warranty.

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