EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Bluetooth Speaker Review

EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Bluetooth Speaker Review.
EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Bluetooth Speaker Review
EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hey, tech enthusiasts! It’s always a thrill when a piece of tech not only boasts top-notch performance but also manages to look downright cool. Enter the EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Bluetooth Speaker. If you’ve ever wanted a speaker that makes a statement, this could be it. Let’s break it down.

Unboxing Experience

You know that feeling you get when you unwrap a present, and it just feels premium? That’s precisely what the unboxing experience of the EGKimBa speaker is like. The packaging is sleek, and everything is securely packed. The design hints at the dazzling experience inside, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Aesthetics: A Diamond in the Rough

When they named it the ‘Diamond Bluetooth Speaker’, they weren’t kidding. This baby gleams! Its faceted design immediately draws your eyes, and the play of light across its surface is genuinely mesmerizing. It’s not just a speaker—it’s a centerpiece.

Imagine placing it on your coffee table or desk. It’s bound to garner attention and probably a few “oohs” and “aahs”. And while it might seem delicate with its diamond-esque structure, it feels robust and well-constructed.

Magnetic Magic

The magnetic feature is not just a gimmick. The base of the speaker is magnetic, allowing it to float above its platform, giving the illusion of a levitating diamond. This isn’t just cool; it adds a futuristic touch that makes it feel straight out of a sci-fi movie.

But the magic doesn’t end there. The spinning effect of the speaker when playing music is an added visual treat. The magnetic field doesn’t interfere with the audio output, which brings us to the next vital aspect.

Sound Quality: Does it Sound as Good as it Looks?

Absolutely. It would have been a massive letdown if this beauty didn’t sound as good as it looks. But thankfully, EGKimBa didn’t skimp out on the sound department. It delivers crisp highs, full mids, and a bass that surprisingly thumps, considering its size.

Whether you’re into classical, jazz, rock, or EDM, the speaker does a pretty good job across the spectrum. The 360-degree sound distribution ensures that you get a consistent listening experience no matter where you are in the room.

Connectivity & Playtime

Pairing is a breeze with this Bluetooth speaker. It easily connected to my phone, laptop, and tablet. The range is quite impressive, allowing me to wander about my home without losing the connection.

Battery life is another major highlight. On a single charge, I got about 8-10 hours of playtime at a moderate volume level, which is quite commendable. The magnetic levitation doesn’t seem to drain the battery excessively, which is a plus.

Any Downsides?

Well, no gadget is perfect. The EGKimBa speaker’s main setback might be its price. Its unique design and tech features come with a premium price tag. But if you value aesthetics as much as performance, it might be worth the splurge.

Also, it’s not super portable. While it’s not particularly heavy, the magnetic base is something you probably don’t want to lug around too often.

Ease of Use & Controls

Simplicity is the name of the game here. EGKimBa has opted for a minimalistic approach to controls, which I personally appreciate. There’s nothing more annoying than fumbling around, trying to figure out which button does what. With a few well-placed and tactile buttons, controlling volume, skipping tracks, and answering calls is a cinch.

Speakerphone Capabilities

One of the nifty features that might fly under the radar is its speakerphone capability. With a built-in microphone, it effortlessly handles phone calls. Whether you’re juggling tasks at home or taking a conference call, the speaker delivers clear audio, ensuring both sides of the conversation are heard without a hitch.

Compatibility & Software Integration

Another noteworthy feature is the integration with voice assistants. “Hey Siri” and “Okay Google” work seamlessly, making it more than just a Bluetooth speaker. This becomes super handy, especially when you’re cooking or doing chores and need hands-free control.

Durability & Maintenance

While the Diamond Speaker looks delicate, it’s sturdier than you might think. It’s had a couple of accidental bumps from me (don’t judge), and it took them like a champ. However, considering its premium finish, you’d want to handle it with care.

Maintenance is minimal. A simple wipe down keeps it looking sparkly and new. The levitating feature also means fewer chances of dust accumulation underneath.

Is it Worth the Investment?

Let’s circle back to the price. Yes, the EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Speaker is an investment. But here’s how I see it: not only are you paying for audio quality, but you’re also investing in a piece of art, a conversation starter, and a gadget that might just be the coolest thing on your shelf.

Wrap Up

There’s a lot to love about the EGKimBa Magnetic Diamond Bluetooth Speaker. From its dazzling aesthetics to its robust sound quality, it’s a gadget that has both style and substance. While it may not be the first choice for those on a tight budget or for the rugged adventurers looking for a portable companion, it certainly finds its niche among those who appreciate the finer things in tech.

Would I recommend it? Definitely. It’s a delightful blend of form and function, and sometimes, it’s just fun to splurge on something that makes you smile every time you glance at it. Happy jamming, folks!

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Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker

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Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker

Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker
Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker
Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker

Izzya Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker: The Future Sound, Today!

Alright folks, gather round! I’ve got a treat for your ears and eyes. Remember those sci-fi movies where everything’s floating, and you thought, “Man, that’s never happening in my lifetime?” Well, Izzya begs to differ. Enter the Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker – a mouthful, but every word’s worth it. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Unboxing: A Sci-Fi Lover’s Dream

Ripping off the packaging, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. The sleek design, the tantalizing promise of anti-gravity… it had me hooked right from the start. Everything’s neatly packed and screams premium. It’s not just a speaker, it’s an experience.

First Impressions: Is This Magic?

Placing the saucer on its magnetic base, I was half-expecting sparks or at least some minor sci-fi sounds. But nope, it just effortlessly floated in mid-air. “Okay, that’s cool,” I whispered to myself, trying (and failing) to keep the giddy excitement out of my voice.

Sound Quality: Floaty Beats and Deep Trebles

Now, for the main event: sound quality. A floating speaker is all well and good, but if it doesn’t sound good, what’s the point? I hooked up my playlist and was immediately swept away. The sound is crisp, clear, and surprisingly deep. The bass? Oh boy, don’t get me started. It thumps, it resonates, and you can feel it right in your chest.

The mids and highs come through clear as a bell. Whether you’re into rock, jazz, classical, or those guilty pleasure pop tunes (you know who you are), this speaker delivers.

Design: Sleek, Modern, and Just Plain Cool

We have to talk about the design. The entire aesthetic is like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Floating in the air, the saucer emits this ambient glow which just adds to the futuristic vibes. It’s sleek, modern, and without a doubt, a conversation starter. You have friends coming over? Prepare to hear a lot of “Whoa, what’s that?!”

Connectivity: Smooth Sailing

Pairing devices is a breeze. Whether you’re an Apple aficionado or an Android enthusiast, the Izzya has got you covered. Bluetooth connection is stable and has a pretty decent range. I walked around my apartment, and not once did the tunes stutter or drop. And if you’re old school and want to go wired, it’s got ports for that too.

Battery Life: It Keeps On Going

For something that’s doing a lot – floating, glowing, and blaring tunes – the battery life on this bad boy is impressive. On a full charge, I got a solid 8 hours of playback. Sure, there are other speakers that can last longer, but they’re not levitating now, are they?

Drawbacks: Nothing’s Perfect

While I’m head over heels for the Izzya, it’s not without its drawbacks. The price can be a bit steep for some. Plus, if you’re a hardcore audiophile, there might be speakers out there that offer slightly better sound quality. Also, while the magnetic base is cool, it does need a power source. So, if you’re thinking of taking this to a beach party, you might need to think again.

Ease of Use: No PhD Required

One of the things I genuinely appreciated about the Izzya was its user-friendliness. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get this up and running. The buttons are intuitive, the pairing voice isn’t annoyingly robotic, and the manual (for those who still read them) is written in plain English. Thank goodness!

Nighttime Ambiance: Setting The Mood

Imagine this: it’s a quiet evening, and you’re settling down with a good book or maybe some meditation. The soft glow from the speaker adds a serene ambiance, like a futuristic candle. Combined with your favorite relaxing tunes, it’s pure magic. The gentle floating motion is hypnotic and could easily double as a relaxation tool.

Gadget Compatibility: Play Nice, Everyone

I tried connecting the Izzya with various gadgets I had lying around – tablets, laptops, even my smart TV. It handled everything like a champ. Streaming a movie and using the speaker for audio? Absolutely epic. It felt like having a mini home-theater experience.

Durability: Floating But Sturdy

You’d think with all its finesse and design, the speaker would be delicate. But I accidentally knocked it off its base once (don’t judge), and it survived without a scratch. While I wouldn’t recommend playing flying saucer catch with it, it’s good to know it’s not overly fragile.

Customer Support: Izzya’s Got Your Back

While I didn’t face any major issues with my speaker, I did reach out to their customer service with a few queries. The response was prompt, and the representative was knowledgeable and friendly. It’s always reassuring when a company stands firmly behind its product.

Final Thoughts: To Float or Not to Float

There are hundreds of speakers in the market. Some louder, some more portable, and some even more affordable. But very few are as unique and intriguing as the Izzya Anti Gravity Flying Saucer Magnetic Floating Speaker.

It’s more than just its floating gimmick. The entire package, from the design to its performance, screams innovation. It’s a brave step forward in a market that often feels saturated with the same old designs and functionalities.

So, if you’re in the market for something fresh, something that’s a blend of form and function, and something that’ll have your friends going, “That’s so cool!”, then the Izzya might just be the speaker you’re looking for.

Here’s to floating saucers, killer beats, and a future that feels just a little bit closer. Cheers!

Key Features Summary
  • Anti-Gravity Design: Effortlessly floats above its magnetic base.
  • Premium Sound Quality: Crisp highs, clear mids, and deep bass tones.
  • Ambient Glow: Provides a soft, futuristic light perfect for setting the mood.
  • Easy Connectivity: Seamless Bluetooth connection compatible with both Android and Apple devices.
  • Wired Option: Ports available for traditional wired connections.
  • Battery Life: Offers up to 8 hours of continuous playback on a full charge.
  • Sleek & Modern Aesthetic: Futuristic design that’s sure to catch eyes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive buttons and voice prompts for ease of use.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand minor knocks and falls.
  • Gadget Compatibility: Pairs effortlessly with tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.
  • Customer Support: Prompt and knowledgeable assistance when needed.
  • Portable: While it requires a power source for the base, the speaker itself is easy to transport.
  • Relaxation Tool: The gentle floating motion and ambient light make it perfect for relaxation and meditation sessions.

Remember, while the list captures the essence of the speaker’s features, the true experience lies in seeing and hearing it in action!

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sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers Review: Innovation Meets Superior Sound Quality

sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers Review. Innovation Meets Superior Sound Quality.

sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers Review
sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers Review

When it comes to the latest advancements in audio technology, the sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers have managed to grab everyone’s attention. This isn’t just another set of speakers; this is innovation meeting superior sound quality. Let’s dive into this review and uncover what sets these speakers apart.

Introduction to Ferrofluid Technology

For the uninitiated, ferrofluid is a magical concoction of nanoscale ferromagnetic particles suspended in a carrier liquid. What does it mean for speakers? Essentially, it allows for enhanced heat dissipation, a reduction in harmonic distortion, and the creation of richer sound quality. Sovenomund has managed to master this tech, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Design and Build: A Visual Treat

Sleek and Modern Aesthetics

The first thing you’ll notice about these speakers is their sleek, futuristic design. The visible ferrofluid dancing behind the transparent casing is a treat for the eyes, creating an aesthetic that’s both mesmerizing and unique.

Sturdy Construction

But they’re not just about looks. They boast a robust build that feels premium to the touch. They’re designed to be both attractive and long-lasting.

Sound Performance: Where Magic Happens

Crisp Highs and Deep Lows

Listening to music on these speakers is a transcendent experience. The ferrofluid technology allows for crisp highs without harshness and deep, resonating lows that don’t overpower. Whether you’re into classical symphonies or pulsating EDM, these speakers make every genre shine.

Balanced Soundstage

What truly impressed me was the balanced soundstage that offers a true-to-life representation of the recording. It’s a symphony in your living room (or wherever you choose to place these beauties).

Features and Functionality

Adjustable Sound Profiles

One of the standout features of these speakers is the ability to tailor the sound to your liking. With adjustable EQ settings, you can make them sound exactly how you want.

Easy Connectivity

They offer seamless connection options, whether you prefer Bluetooth, an AUX cable, or other methods. Connecting to various devices is a breeze.

Environmental Sensing

The speakers even come with environmental sensing technology that adjusts the sound output according to the room’s size and acoustics. Now that’s smart!

Pros and Cons


  • Innovative ferrofluid technology
  • Striking visual design
  • Superior sound quality
  • Versatile connection options


  • Premium price tag
  • Limited availability in some regions

User Experience: Up Close and Personal

Unboxing Experience

The moment you open the box, you realize that sovenomund has put thought into every detail. The unboxing is an experience in itself, with each component neatly packaged and the overall presentation exuding a premium feel.

Set-Up Simplicity

Setting up these speakers is a walk in the park. A user-friendly manual guides you through the process, and within minutes, you’re ready to immerse yourself in the sound.

Customer Support

Sovenomund offers top-notch customer support, whether you need assistance with setup, have questions about features, or face any issues. They’re responsive and eager to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Compatibility and Integration

Works with Various Devices

The sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers can be paired with a wide array of devices, from your smartphone to your high-end audio system. The compatibility is broad, ensuring that you can enjoy this unparalleled sound experience across multiple platforms.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

For those living in a connected home, you’ll be pleased to know that these speakers integrate seamlessly with various smart home systems. Voice control and automation are handy features that add to the convenience.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

Environmentally Conscious Design

In an age where sustainability matters, sovenomund has made efforts to minimize waste and use environmentally friendly materials where possible. It’s a small but significant step towards a greener future.

Energy Efficiency

The speakers are designed to consume minimal power without compromising on performance. The intelligent power-saving mode ensures that you’re not wasting energy when the speakers are not in use.

Real-World Testing: What Do Others Say?

I decided to share these speakers with some friends and fellow audiophiles to gather their thoughts. The verdict was unanimous: the sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers are a hit.

  • Music Lovers: Whether casual listeners or serious audiophiles, the speakers won over music lovers with their sound quality and design.
  • Gamers: Those who tested them for gaming appreciated the immersive experience, stating that the sound added a new dimension to their gameplay.
  • Movie Buffs: Watching movies with these speakers brought the cinema experience home. The rich, clear sound made every film more engaging.

Conclusion: A Symphony of Innovation

They have managed to achieve something truly remarkable. They’ve fused cutting-edge technology with artful design to create a product that doesn’t just sound fantastic but looks and feels extraordinary too.

From the mesmerizing visual appeal of the ferrofluid to the crisp and balanced sound output, every aspect of these speakers radiates quality and innovation. They’re not just speakers; they’re an experience, an expression of audio artistry that’s rare in today’s market.

If you’re seeking an unparalleled auditory experience coupled with a visual treat, they might just be your next favorite gadget. Yes, they come at a premium, but for those who appreciate the finer nuances of sound and design, these speakers are more than worth the investment.

Innovation truly meets superior sound quality with the sovenomund Ferrofluid Speakers, and they’ve earned a solid spot in my list of top audio equipment for this year. Try them out, and you might just find your new audio soulmate.

Key Features

  • Ferrofluid Technology: Utilizes nanoscale ferromagnetic particles for enhanced heat dissipation and richer sound quality.
  • Sleek Design: Futuristic and visually striking appearance with visible ferrofluid.
  • Sturdy Construction: Robust and premium build quality.
  • Crisp Highs and Deep Lows: Superior sound output with clear high and low frequencies.
  • Balanced Soundstage: Offers a true-to-life representation of the recording.
  • Adjustable Sound Profiles: Tailor the sound with adjustable EQ settings.
  • Easy Connectivity: Seamless connection options including Bluetooth and AUX.
  • Environmental Sensing: Adjusts sound output based on the room’s size and acoustics.
  • Premium Unboxing Experience: Thoughtfully packaged for a premium unboxing feel.
  • Simple Set-Up: User-friendly manual for quick and easy setup.
  • Top-Notch Customer Support: Responsive support for any assistance needed.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works with various devices from smartphones to high-end audio systems.
  • Smart Home Integration: Seamless integration with various smart home systems.
  • Environmentally Conscious Design: Utilizes eco-friendly materials and minimizes waste.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consumes minimal power with intelligent power-saving mode.

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