Charging Station for Oculus Quest 2 – FutureUniverseTV Presents An In-Depth Review

Charging Station for Oculus Quest 2. FutureUniverseTV Presents An In-Depth Review.

Charging Station for Oculus Quest 2
Charging Station for Oculus Quest 2

Designed for elite gamers, the D.Gruoiza magnetic rechargeable charging dock can simultaneously charge two headsets and two controllers. The VR charging station for Quest 2 charges both the headset and touch controllers at the same time. The headset and controller can be fully charged in approximately four to five hours. Modes of charging that are stable and safe.

A VR Charging Dock features LED indicators that indicate the charging status of the headset and touch controllers. D.Gruoiza Charging Station is characterized by a red color when charging, a blue color when fully charged, and an adjustment button in the middle for turning off the indicator light.

In addition to being money saving and environmentally friendly, VR Charger Station comes with a controller cover and two custom rechargeable batteries that are capable of being used over 500 times, thereby saving you the hassle of replacing batteries on a regular basis. Batteries that can be reused not only save money, but are also safer and more environmentally friendly.

In addition to keeping your headset and controllers in one place, this charging dock will keep your playroom neat and orderly. You can give our VR Charger Dock to a friend who enjoys playing Quest 2.

We include one (1) charging dock for Quest 2, one (1) magnetic USB-C headset connector, two (2) rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries, one (1) USB-C adapter, two (2) battery covers, one (1) welcome guide. Using the USB-C adapter to charge the headset directly is not recommended.

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