Chicken Curry Recipe 

Spicy Chicken Curry with Potato Recipe 

I like to cook this fragrant, hot and spicy chicken curry with flavorful curry gravy. My family enjoy this yummy dish with rice, wheat bread, paratha and baguette (French bread). The potatoes absorbed the curry sauce, this makes them fragrant and tasty.


Ingredients :



Chicken thigh (boneless and skinless) : 650 grams (cut into bite sizes)
Potato : (cut into bite sizes)
Curry Paste : 200 grams
Chili paste : 100 grams
Lemon grass : 1 stalk (cut into small sections)
Blue ginger : few slices
Few Red Chilies Padi
Few Curry leaves
Cooking oil : ½ cup
Salt and Seasoning to taste

 Simple Way:

(1) Boil and cook the cut potatoes, set aside.

(2) In blender,  half fill water with Lemon grass and blue ginger, blend into paste (about four table spoon).

(3) Heat up oil in skillet, add in curry paste, chili paste, blended ingredients, chilies padi and curry leaves, sauté until fragrant or until chili oil is formed.

(4) Add in chicken and boiled potatoes, stir and mix all the ingredients evenly, add water to cover the chicken, stir and mix well. Simmer with cover until chicken is tender and gravy thickens.

(5) Add in salt and seasoning to taste.