Chicken Rice Recipe

Chicken Rice with Lemon Sauce Chicken Recipe

I used ready-made Chicken Rice Mix and Lemon Sauce to cook chicken rice and lemon sauce chicken.
My family love the taste of the dish, the fragrant chicken rice with crispy chicken pieces deep fried to golden brown in a tangy, sweet and sour lemon sauce. It’s delicious!
The Chicken Rice dish taste even better with refreshing tomato and cucumber.


(I) Recipe of Chicken Rice (3 servings) :

– Chicken Rice Mix : 1 tbsp. (add more to taste)
– White Rice : 2 cups – Water : 2 cups
– Pandan leaf (3 pieces tie together)
Note: The proportion of water and rice are according to what you normally cook.

Simple Steps :
1. Wash rice and drain well.
2. Add in Chicken Rice Mix, stir evenly.
3. Add water and pandan leaf, cook in rice cooker.
During the cooking, fragrance of chicken rice fills the kitchen.

(II) Recipe of Lemon Chicken (3 Servings):

Ingredients :
– 1 packet of Lemon Sauce
– 400 grams of chicken thigh (cut into bite size)
– Corn flour – Parsley (for garnishing)

Simple Steps :
(1) Mix chicken pieces with one beaten egg.
(2) Dust chicken pieces with corn flour. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown.
(3) Heat up 1 tea spoon of oil, stir in lemon sauce follow by chicken pieces.
Lightly coat the chicken pieces with lemon sauce so that the chicken remains crispy.