Coriander Chicken Recipe and Coconut Rice Set Meal

This delicious and tender Coriander Chicken recipe is a very simple and easy to cook. It is delicious with both plain rice and coconut rice.

Coriander Chicken Recipe

Recipe of Coriander Chicken

Ingredients :
– Boneless and Skinless Chicken thigh (or chicken breast) : 500grams (cut into desired size)
– Coriander powder : 4 tbsp
– Dark soya souce : 1 tbsp
– Sugar : 2 tbsp (add more if You prefer sweeter taste)
– Cooking Oil
– Salt (to taste)

Simple Steps :

(1) Marinate chicken pieces with ingredients except cooking oil  for at least 1/2 an hour.

(2) Pan fry with cooking oil under medium heat until golden brown for both sides