Cosmic Girls Song Secret 宇宙少女歌秘密

Cosmic Girls Song Secret 宇宙少女歌秘密

2016 AAA 頒獎典禮 Asia Artist Awards【Secret】(演唱:宇宙少女)(HD)

The name of this Kpop group are girls from the future and is closely related to space and universe. I choose this song to share with you because it is so cool, cute and wonderful. They are being invited to the 2016 Asia Artist Awards to perform. I suppose this means that their song must be highly acclaimed to be able to perform there. Anyways, their cool dance moves, confident singing and X Factor are represented in this performance. Have a great time enjoying their dance moves and singing.

OFficial [MV] 우주소녀(WJSN)(COSMIC GIRLS) _ 비밀이야 (Secret)

Enjoy watching this adventurous and space oriented MTV for this song Secret. The MTV is interesting and flashy. The MTV Starts of with a question – Have you ever felt cosmos inside of You. What a nice opening to start off. You immediately go to a sense of space and universe inside of you. From the MTV, you can see a bright meteorite landing on a planet. And the ladies have landed. I suppose this means that the ladies are the bright shining stars. Oh my that is cool. There are also of lot artistic art pieces that the ladies are shown in. Like a big cube, big life sized prisms and so on…

You even have a flying car and futuristic glasses as well. At the end, a lady in astronaut suit lands on the planet with a sign on the ground. And hence drum roll… Here comes the Cosmic Girls !!!

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