Examples Of Metaphysics In Everyday Life

Examples Of Metaphysics In Everyday Life.

Examples Of Metaphysics In Everyday Life
Examples Of Metaphysics In Everyday Life

Think metaphysics is all about abstract, intellectual debates on otherworldly realms? Well, think again. At its core, metaphysics deals with the fundamental nature of reality. And the reality is – it’s all around us, shaping our lives in countless, often overlooked ways. So let’s dive into some examples of metaphysics showing up right in our daily lives.

1. The Morning Alarm – The Nature of Time

Beep, beep, beep. Your alarm clock blares. It’s time to get up and face the day, right? But what is ‘time’? Is it a linear progression of moments that we can quantify, as our alarm clock suggests? Or is it a subjective experience that varies person to person?

Einstein proposed that time is relative and can be distorted by gravity and velocity – a mind-bending metaphysical concept that becomes real every time you glance at your wristwatch.

2. Making Choices – Free Will vs. Determinism

Should you hit the snooze button or roll out of bed? Believe it or not, this mundane decision also ties into a key metaphysical debate: Do we truly have free will, or is everything pre-determined?

The concept of free will suggests that we’re able to make autonomous decisions, independent of any natural laws. Meanwhile, determinism argues that all events, including moral choices, are ultimately determined by previously existing causes.

3. The Coffee Aroma – Properties and Qualities

As you prepare your morning coffee, you’re met with a lovely aroma. The smell, taste, and warmth of your cup of joe are all considered secondary qualities, existing in our perception and varying based on our individual senses.

John Locke, a philosopher with metaphysical chops, argued that objects have primary properties (like size, shape, and motion) independent of any observer, and secondary properties that depend on the interaction between the object and the observer. Your coffee experience? A practical example of Locke’s metaphysics.

4. Social Media Scrolling – The Self and Identity

Next, you might find yourself scrolling through social media. Every post you make, every photo you upload, contributes to your online persona. But is this persona the ‘real’ you? Metaphysics tackles such questions about personal identity and continuity over time.

From the metaphysical perspective, your online persona, the ‘you’ at work, the ‘you’ with family, are all facets of a multifaceted ‘self.’ This idea of self raises questions about identity and authenticity and their role in shaping our life narrative.

5. Commuting – Space and Motion

Now you’re commuting to work. As you move through space, you’re living a metaphysical concept. The very notions of ‘space’ and ‘motion’ have been subjects of metaphysical inquiry. Are space and time independent realities, or are they relational constructs?

Newton and Leibniz famously disagreed on this. For Newton, space was an absolute entity, like a stage within which objects exist and events occur. Leibniz, however, saw space as a set of relations between objects, contingent on their existence. So, every time you move from point A to point B, you’re practically in the middle of a metaphysical debate!

6. Work Dynamics – Cause and Effect

At work, if you miss a deadline, there are consequences. This relationship is an example of cause and effect – a fundamental metaphysical concept. Every action has a reaction, every cause an effect. We plan our days and our lives around this principle, even if we’re not consciously aware of it.

7. The Sunset – Existence and Reality

As the day winds down, you might enjoy a beautiful sunset. But what makes it real? The fact you can see it, or that others can see it too? This takes us to the metaphysical quandary of existence and the nature of reality.

Is reality objective, existing independently of our minds, or is it subjective, dependent on our perceptions? Every time we perceive and interact with the world, we’re navigating through this metaphysical terrain.


From the morning alarm to the evening sunset, metaphysics is not just an academic exercise – it’s intricately woven into our daily lives. It gives depth to our experiences, turning ordinary events into thought-provoking encounters with the fundamental aspects of reality. It helps us explore not just the world ‘out there,’ but also the world within ourselves. So next time you’re caught up in the daily routine, remember, there’s more to life than meets the eye – there’s metaphysics!

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