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Eyedro Home Solar & Energy Monitor. FutureuniverseTV presents a solution for you to save electricity at home.

Eyedro Home Solar & Energy Monitor
Eyedro Home Solar & Energy Monitor

Your electricity usage and cost information is continuously measured, analyzed and stored by Eyedro and MyEyedro. MyEyedro presents your electricity data in a way that is easy to understand, engaging, and informative. Gain access to a wide range of useful features and see your electricity usage in real time.

The MyEyedro cloud offers a full suite of tools for viewing your live data, creating reports and sharing them, managing bills, reviewing your historical data, and much more. Real-time monitoring of your energy consumption. Take action based on the information you track using Eyedro and the MyEyedro cloud. With the information provided by your Eyedro energy monitor and MyEyedro cloud data, you can make informed decisions to save money. Keep track, react, and save! MyEyedro Cloud Service Track your real-time energy data with the MyEyedro cloud service. Any device with an internet connection can access your data, so you can access it from anywhere!

As part of MyEyedro, you will have access to a wide range of tools, including bills, reports, live demand data, and historical data, which will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your home electricity usage. Your Eyedro system includes MyEyedro at no additional charge. Track, react, and save! It is the perfect monitor for our application to use Eyedro! As soon as 48 hours have passed, you may be able to save as much as 10% on energy consumption. One scenario is that your AC is a major energy hog, and you can easily identify it. By making minor changes to our thermostat profile and habits, we can reduce our energy consumption and shift much of our cooling to off-peak hours, saving us money without sacrificing comfort.

It is possible to be able to educate your customers on their power usage and cost profile using Eyedro’s Electricity Monitor for Business. The experience is always eye-opening for you all. The savings in utility bills will more than pay for the cost of this project.

Features And Benefits Of This Smart Energy Saving Device

  • Use the EYEFI-2 and its two 200A sensors to monitor your solar usage. Make sure your solar is working so you don’t waste electricity. Net metering and solar are supported by the EYEFI-2. Power supply is North American (120VAC). There’s a Module, 2 Sensors, and a North American Power Adapter in the EYEFI-2.

  • YOU KNOW YOUR ELECTRICITY! You can see your usage in detail and with confidence with My Eyedro. Rates can be customized to fit your utility. A single phase electricity monitor, the EYEFI-2.

  • INCLUDES FULL SUITE OF PLUGINS – MyEyedro is Eyedro’s cloud platform.

  • You can see your usage data in Watts, Amps, Volts, Power Factor, and Dollars. Your Eyedro hardware comes with free cloud-based software called MyEyedro.

  • In addition to billing comparisons and estimates, Eyedro captures appliance start-up spikes and notifies you of power outages. You can view your electrical data anywhere, as it’s built using the latest web technologies.

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