Fish Slices Black Fungus Recipe

Black fungus is an edible mushroom or vegetable that has no flavor of its own. It has high nutritional value and lots of health benefits. Black Fungus contains vitamins B1 B2, and D, very rich in protein, calcium, iron and a lot more.

Here are some of the health benefits of Black Fungus :
(1) prevent cancer,
(2) prevent tumour growth,
(3) it is effective in reducing blood pressure,
(4) prevent iron deficiency as iron contained in black fungus is one of the highest among all the vegetables,
(5) prevent coronary heart disease,
(6) it neutralizes the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.


Although black fungus has no flavor of its own, they will absorb the flavour of the ingredients and seasonings.

– Black fungus : 12 pieces
– Toman fish : 350 grams (cut into bite size)
– Bell Pepper (green, red and yellow) : (sliced)
– Ginger : 50 grams (sliced)
– Garlic : 50 grams or 5 cloves (slightly crushed)
– Corn flour mixture (1 table spoon corn flour with 5 table spoons of water)
– Chicken Stock : 250 ml
– Black Pepper
– Salt or seasoning (to taste)
– Cooking oil

Preparation before cooking:
(1) Fully soak black fungus in warm water till soft and expand, trim the stem and rinse to remove dirt. Set aside.
(2) Marinate fish with salt and black pepper for 15 minutes.

Simple Method:
(1) Pan fry fish until slightly brown. (Be Sure not to over-cook). Set aside.

(2) Heat up sauce pan with 2 tbsp of oil, stir fry ginger and garlic until fragrant, add in chicken stock.

(3) When the stock boils, add in bell pepper, black fungus and fried fish slices, seasoning to taste, lightly mix all ingredients evenly.

(4) When the stock began to boil, stir in corn flour mixture, lightly stir and mix all the ingredient till gravy thickens, dish is ready to serve.