Fried Carrot Cake Recipe

Hi Dear Friends, One of my favorite fried foods is pleasant fragrant tasting fried carrot cake with pickled radish, eggs and sweet sauce recipe.

Carrot cake is ready made from package with a mixture of steamed radish and rice flour.

Here are two ways of frying carrot cake. One is fried carrot cake with pickled radish and eggs. The other version has additional sweet sauce added. I greatly enjoy the carrot cake and egg fragrant taste a lot with or without sweet sauce added. Both are equal delicious. The other ingredients like pickled radish and garlic enhances its flavor.

Some Background information
“it is sometimes also referred to as radish cake, and is traditionally called carrot cake in Singapore”

 Photo of Carrot Cake fried with Pickled Radish and Eggs


Except for the sweet sauce, all ingredients are to be divided into 2 portions. Sweet sauce is added to one of the dishes.


– Ready-made Carrot Cake : 650 grams
– Pickled Radish : 4 tbsp
– 6 eggs ( Number of eggs as you prefer)
– Minced garlic : 4 tbsp
– Spring onion
– Light soy sauce
– Cooking oil
– Sweet Sauce

Cooking Method :

(1) Cut half of the carrot cake into bite sizes.

(2) Heat up pan with 2 tbsp of oil. add in carrot cake and 1 tsp of light soy sauce, fry carrot cake until slightly brown on both sides. Set aside in the pan.

(3) Heat up one tbsp of oil in the same pan, fry garlic until fragrant, stir in 2 tbsp of pickled radish, fry them until brown. Fry and mix all the ingredients together.


(4) Add in 3 eggs, when the eggs almost cooked, mix carrot cake to the eggs.
(You may beat the eggs and pour onto the carrot cake)


(5) Add in spring onions, stir fry and mix them evenly until carrot cake is coated with eggs.  I love to savor this dish with some sambal chili sauce



2. Photo of Fried Carrot Cake with Sweet Sauce


Ingredients : Half of the ingredients mentioned above.

Cooking Method for Fried Carrot Cake with Sweet Sauce:

Step (1) to (3) are same as the above Fried Carrot Cake with Pickled Radish and Eggs

(4) Add in one tsp of sweet sauce to the carrot cake, fry and mix all ingredients evenly.


(5) Pour in and spread beaten eggs to the carrot cake. Flip the carrot and eggs. Ready to serve when the egg is cooked and garnish with spring onion and red chili padi (optional)