Fried French Beans Recipe

Quick Stir fry enhances flavor and crunchiness of French beans. Garnishing with crispy fried garlic further add on the flavor and taste of French beans.
With few ingredients and easy stir fry, I enjoy savoring this dish with satisfaction.

Health Benefits of French Beans:
French beans are high in fibers, low in calories, its contain no cholesterol, rich in vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body and also help and reduce the risk of certain disease.
(1) Protection from heart disease,
(2) Prevent colon cancer
(3) Promote eye health
(4) Improve bowel health
(5) Reduce blood cholesterol
(6) Anti-oxidant


Ingredients :
* French Bean : 250 grams (sliced into small sections)
* 10 cloves of garlic : thinly sliced (about 4 tbsp)
* Light soy sauce
* Cooking oil
* Vegetable seasoning to taste
* Chilli (optional)

Simple way of cooking :
(1) Scald French beans under boiling water until they are more greenish than before (about 1 minute). Drain water and set aside French beans.

(2) Fry 3 tbsp. of the sliced garlic with  cooking oil until slightly brown, fragrant and crispy. Drain oil and set aside crispy garlic.

(3) Heat up the same pan with the remaining garlic oil, add in a tbsp. of garlic, sauté until fragrant.

(4) Add in French beans, stir fry and mix with the garlic, stir in chili, light soy sauce and vegetable seasoning to taste, stir fry all ingredients until the French beans are cooked and crunchy.

(5) Garnish with fried garlic before serve.