Fried Luffa Kelp Egg Drop Recipe

Stir Fried Luffa And Kelp With Egg Drop Recipe

Hello friends, glad to share with you this simple and nutritious recipe. It consist of healthy ingredients, luffa and kelp.

Luffa, unlike its outer skin, is soft inside. As it easily softens and shrinks when cooking, it’s necessary to cut it into bigger pieces and with quick stir fry.

Another healthy ingredient is Kelp, a sea veggie. I bought dried kelp in packet. I often use it to cook as soup or fry with other vegetables.

Luffa Dish On Plate


Ingredients :



• 2 Luffa
• Kelp (Seaweed) : 2 pieces cut into bite size.
• 1 Beaten Egg
• Minced Garlic : 1 tbsp.
• Salt and Vegetable Seasoning to taste
• White pepper
• Cooking Oil
• Chicken broth (or Water) : ½ cup

Cooking Method:
(1.) Soak kelp with hot water until it expands. Clean thoroughly, Cut into bite size..

(2.) Remove the skin and seed of Luffa and cut into large pieces.

(3.) Sauté minced garlic in hot oil until fragrant, add in Luffa and Kelp, Stir fry and mix all ingredients.

(4.) Add in Chicken broth, when it start to boils, stir in beaten egg and toss lightly.

(5) When the egg drop is cooked, lower tahe heat and add in pepper, salt and vegetable seasoning to taste. Ready to Serve.