Fried Mushrooms Black Fungus Recipe

Fried Portobello And White Beech Mushrooms With Fungus Recipe

The reason I like to share with you this healthy and delicious stir fried Portobello, White Beech Mushrooms with Black Fungus recipe is because mushroom and fungus are :
– high fiber
– low in calories and cholesterol-free,
– contain essential vitamins and minerals.
– They have high nutritional value
– enhance immune system and blood circulation and lots of health benefits.

What is the taste of this healthy dish?
In this recipe, I used big black fungus which is bigger in size and is crunchier. With the condiments combination it is definitely a treat to be savored. The mushrooms are juicy and together with parsley flakes and fresh parsley enhances its tastiness.
Enjoy cooking this dish which is full of health benefits.


Ingredients :

• Mini Portobello mushrooms : 200 grams
• White beech mushrooms : 100 grams
• Big black fungus : 100 grams
• Garlic : few cloves (minced) : 2 tbsp
• Extra virgin olive oil : 3 tbsp
• Black pepper
• Parsley flakes
• Fresh parsley

Ingredients for Sauce :
• Oyster sauce : 1 tbsp
• Light soy sauce : 1 tsp
• Vegetable seasoning : 1/2 tsp
• Salt : ¼ tsp
• Corn Flour Mixture : 1 tbsp of flour with 5 tbsp of water.
• Water : 5 tbsp

Tips Before Cooking :
Fungus : Soak 3 pieces of big black fungus in water for ½ an hour until they are fully expand. Clean them well and trim off the stems. Cut them into small pieces. Set aside.

Portobello mushrooms: Remove the stem of Portobello mushrooms, cut into half.

White beech mushrooms : Cut the mushroom into half, trim off the base. This method leaves the minimum amount of waste for cooking as the base of mushroom can be seen clearly when cut into half.

Cooking Method:
(1) In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for sauce together, set aside.

(2) Heat up pan with 3 tbsp of olive oil, sauté garlic until fragrant.

(3) Add in black fungus, Portobello mushrooms and 2 tbsp of mixed Sauce, black pepper, stir fry until mushrooms and fungus are cooked.

(4) Finally, stir in White Beech Mushroom and balance of sauce (to taste), stir fry Quickly until all ingredients are well mixed. While Stir frying, stir in corn flour mixture, mix all ingredients.

(5) Garnish hot dish with parsley flakes and fresh parsley before serve.