Fried Salmon Recipe with Brinjal and Sunflower sprouts

Hi Friends, I hope this dish brightens Your Day with its colors. Healthy salmon with omega 3, brinjal, sunflower sprouts and tomatoes. May You savor its delicious taste and benefit from this healthy combo meal. Enjoy 🙂

Fried Salmon with Brinjal and Sun flower sprouts

Ingredients :
* Salmon steak
* 3 small brinjal (Cut into halves)
* Sun flower sprouts (wash and soak in ice water)
* Few cherry tomatoes
* Extra Virgin olive oil
* Salt
* Black pepper

Simple Way of Cooking :

(1) Marinate salmon with salt and black pepper for about half an hour.

(2) Heat up cooker with 2 tbsp of olive oil, put in salmon and brinjas, sprinkle brinjal with a pinch of salt and black pepper. Fry until brown on both sides of the salmon and brinjal. Set aside salmon steak and brinjal  in a plate.

(3) Add in cherry tomatoes, simply fry until desire browning. Set aside on the same plate with salmon.

(4) Wash sun flower sprouts and soak them in ice water. Before serving, drain away the ice water, add in some salt and olive oil, mix them and add to the plate

Ready to savor a healthy and yummy plate of  fried salmon with brinjal