Future Food – Anthony’s Future Universe (Part 1)

It is a pity that you have never seen trees so green,

water so clear and blue,

strawberries that taste so sweet…

All you have ever known is a reddish foggy sky and this kind of dry cardboard that you eat for survival

Evolution of Food

In the past, food for human consisted of vegetation and plants. However, as human start to encounter more animals or in attempts to fight off animals for survival, animal meat slowly became part of the diet.

After the invention of fire, raw meat was cooked and due to the killing of bacteria by high temperature, meat became safer for consumption and hence more popular.

With the invention of refrigerator and ways to preserve food, it was possible to keep both meat and vegetables for a longer period of time.

With the invention and improvement of transport systems, food are created in huge quantities and distributed all over the world, which is why we have such a huge variety of food to choose from nowadays.

GM Food

Genetically modified food is produced in an attempt to increase food supply by increasing the rate of growth and resistance of crops to ensure the reliability of food supply. These are the pros. However the cons of GM food also involve the fact that since food has been genetically modified, it is not natural. It has been linked to the cause of illness eg. Breast Cancer.

At the end of the day, so some people doubt the safety of consuming such food, where the harmful effects may only be shown in the far future, or even in the next few generations.

Instant Food

When we talk about Instant food, the first thing that comes to many people’s mind is instant cup noodles, the savior of many poor students’ stomach during while studying in the wee hours of the morning.


Cup Noodles German Cup Nudeln (Spicy flavor), old packaging
Cup Noodles German Cup Nudeln (Spicy flavor), old packaging

With the advancement of technology, food is dried and made more compact for easier and cheaper storage and delivery. Such packet food are commonly consumed in the army (Video of army food) or distributed to people who are in need of food after natural disasters.

Health Freaks and Fitness Guru

As people start falling sick and dying due to environmental factors, stress and the food they eat, more emphasis has been placed on the food that we bring into our body. Protein shakes, vitamin pills, turmeric pills, garlic pills are trending as people start to look at food as a way to produce the results they want, eg, bigger muscles, better immune system or slimmer body.

Diets are popping up

Eg. The raw food diet where people only eat food that is not heated to ensure that the enzymes in the food are not killed, going back to the times of how their ancestors eat

Vitamins and Nutritious Food

People are starting to consume Vitamin A, B, C, D as they realize they may not be consuming enough from their daily diet. People who are sick are also trying an holistic range of healing which include consuming multivitamins and nutritious food.


20 years ago, small mobile phones and cameras are like something from science fiction. In this movie meatball, food are created with the press of a button.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball

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