GE Power Strip Surge Protector With USB | Review And Features

GE Power Strip Surge Protector With USB。 Review Of Its Features And Benefits.

GE Power Strip Surge Protector With USB
GE Power Strip Surge Protector With USB

You can trust the GE-branded 4-Outlet, 2-USB Surge Protector when you are limited on space but require reliable power. This versatile surge protector extension cord provides 4 AC outlets and 2 USB ports (1.0A/5W) so you can power both your electronics and mobile devices at the same time.

Using the 3ft. extension cord, you can create a centralized power supply for all of your equipment cord. This unit provides a high level of protection. Integrated circuit breakers protect your devices from voltage overloads, while automatic shutdown technology prevents power from reaching your electronics when surge protection expires.

A twist-to-close safety cover keeps your outlets closed when not in use, so you have power when you need it and safety when you do not. This surge protector is UL listed and backed by a $50,000 connected equipment policy and a limited-lifetime replacement plan. This surge protector has a protection rating of 450 Joules and is manufactured by the #1 surge protection company. If your outlet supply is insufficient, the GE-branded 4-Outlet, 2-USB Surge Protector is the perfect solution.

It is not necessary to choose a power strip over a surge protector. Power surges are more likely to occur in areas with frequent thunderstorms. If you live in the desert, your air conditioner or refrigerator could kick power spikes back down the lines to your AV equipment. It is absolutely worth the small difference in price between a simple power strip and a surge protector to provide extra protection for your equipment.

In addition to being relatively inexpensive, surge protectors also provide some level of protection, unlike power strips. It is important to note that surge protectors protect your products from power surges at the expense of themselves. I will elaborate on that in a moment. The degree to which they perform this task, and how well they do it, varies greatly. It is usually a bit more elaborate, and often larger, than a simple power strip.

Do you recall the joule rating we discussed earlier? As an initial rating, this is only a guideline. As time passes, this decreases. Therefore, surge protectors are subject to wear and tear. There are some products that will give you a warning or shut off if the level of protection falls below a certain level. The majority of them will continue to operate without protection, and you will not be aware of this until your equipment is damaged by a power spike. A surge protector should be replaced if you have experienced a serious electrical event (for example, lightning blew out a transformer down the street).

The amount of protection provided by surge protectors is measured in joules. There is generally a benefit to having a device that has a high joule capacity, since this indicates that the device can handle one large surge, or multiple smaller surges, before your gear becomes damaged. As a result of wear and tear on the components inside the protector, its effectiveness decreases over time.

The use of a portable power strip may prevent marital friction and/or induce bliss among traveling companions, despite the fact that it does not offer much protection. It is common for hotels and hostels to have few accessible outlets, yet everyone has multiple devices that require charging. In addition to providing two to three additional outlets, most portable power strips also provide direct USB charging.

Most modern devices are powered by “wall warts” — plugs that convert AC power into DC power and resemble small boxes with prongs. To accommodate chunky plugs, consider a surge protector that has wider spacing between sockets, or sockets that can be rotated or moved.

Features And Benefits

  • With two USB ports, you can power all of your electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • A flat plug lets you hold your furniture and media close to the wall, while keeping it out of the way of the 6 ft. power cable
  • Automatic shutdown technology and an integrated circuit breaker with a 450 joule rating will ensure that your electronic equipment is adequately protected against power surges
  • With the twist-to-close safety covers, you can keep unused outlets closed.
  • Trusted Brand – GE is the world’s leading surge protector manufacturer

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