Gong Bao Chicken Recipe

This Gong Bao chicken is spicy and especially savory with the fragrance of dry chilies, minced ginger and garlic that are cooked with together.
I used one table spoon each of minced ginger and garlic to balance the taste of the dish, so that, either ginger or garlic will not over power one or another.
This spicy and tender Gong Bao chicken taste better with the crunchy and fragrant cashew nuts. Equally savory with rice or vegetable wrap.


Ingredients :
– 2 chicken thighs (boneless and skinless) : Cut into bite size
– Dry chilies : 10 pieces cut into half of each
– Ginger and garlic (minced) : 1 tbsp each
– Ready-fried cashew nuts
– Cooking oil
– Dark soya sauce : 1 tbsp
– Seasoning (to taste)
– Chilies padi (optional)

For Seasoning:
– Oyster sauce : 2 tbsp
– Sesame Oil – 1 tbsp
– Pepper
– Corn Flour : 2 tbsp

Cooking the dish:

(1) Marinate chicken pieces with all the seasonings for 1 hour.

(2) Scald chicken pieces in hot oil until cooked, drain oil and set aside. (Note: Always check the tenderness of chicken pieces)

(3) Heat up pot with 3 tbsp of oil, stir fry dry chilies, drain oil and set aside. (take note not to burn the dry chilies).

(4) with the same pot of chili oil, sauté minced ginger and garlic until fragrant, add in chicken pieces, return the dry chilies, follow by dark soya sauce and seasoning to taste, stir fry QUICKLY until all ingredients are well mixed and fragrant, finally mix in cashew nuts, ready to serve.