Green Tea Noodle Set Meal Recipe

Specially prepared for my family is this light and healthy Green Tea Cold Noodle, grilled Shitake Mushrooms and Red Cherry Tomatoes, scalded Broccoli with Teriyaki Sauce set lunch.

The Soba Tsuyu (Japanese noodle sauce) and Salmon Seaweed flakes enhances the flavor to Green Tea Cold Noodle. I am especially delighted with the taste of Shitake Mushrooms and sweet Cherry Tomatoes grilled with a lot of garlic. Together with fresh green Broccoli, they make my meal so flavorful and savory.


Recipe for Savory Set of Green Tea Cool Noodle (4 servings)

– Green Tea Noodle : 200 grams
– 1 packet of Shitake Mushrooms
– 1 packet Red Cherry Tomatoes
– Broccoli florets

Sauces :
– Soba Tsuyu (Japanese noodle sauce)
– Teriyaki Sauce

Ingredients for grilling:
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil : 3 tbsp.
– Garlic (finely chopped) : 3 tbsp
– Black Pepper
– Salt (to taste)

For Garnishing :
– Salmon Seaweed Flakes
– White Sesame seeds

Simple Steps :

(1) Boil Green Tea Noodle until cooked, drain well, rinse noodle in cold water, drain well. Place noodle on to a plate, add in Soba Tsuyu, garnish with sesame and Salmon Seaweed flakes.

(2) Trim the stem of Shitake mushrooms. Place Shitake Mushrooms and cherry tomatoes onto a baking tray, mix in olive oil, chopped garlic, black pepper and salt, Grill at 200 degree °C for 10 minutes until slightly brown.

(3) For Broccoli florets, scald with hot water for 2 minutes, drain well and drizzle with Teriyaki sauce.

(: (: Healthy, light and delicious Set of Green Tea Cold Noodle is ready 🙂 🙂