Grilled Korma Chicken Thighs Recipes

Hello Friends, delighted to share with You aromatic chicken thighs with flavorful curry sauce.

The chicken thighs fragrant spices taste come from marinated overnight. Strong and flavorful taste of curry sauce comes from korma powder. Coconut milk gives creaminess to sauce.

Chicken thighs are tender and juicy. As I savor these thighs with curry sauce, the strong aroma and fragrance of spices fills my mouth. There is also an after taste which is enjoyable.

(1) Recipe of Grilled Korma Curry Marinated Chicken


Ingredients :
– 10 pieces of chicken thighs
– 150 grams of curry paste
– 150 grams of korma powder
– 1 tsp of salt
– 100 ml of cooking

Method of cooking :
(1) Put all ingredients with a bowl, mix well.

(2) Marinated chicken thighs with the mixture, set aside in the refrigerator for overnight (or at least 3 hours).

(3) Grill in oven at 300 degree C for 40 minutes, flip the thighs after grilling for 25 minutes, continue to grill until golden brown.


while grilling, prepare the curry sauce as follows.

(2) Recipe for Curry Sauce


Ingredients to be blended :
– shallots : 5 pieces
– Garlic : 5 cloves
– candle nuts : 5 pieces
– Ginger : 3 slices
– Blue ginger : 3 slices
– Lemon Grass : 1 stalk

Other Ingredients :
– Curry Paste
– Chili paste
– Korma powder : 3 tbsp
– Coconut milk : 200 ml
– Cooking oil : 100 ml
– Water : 300 ml
– Vegetable seasoning (to taste)

Method of cooking :

(1) In blender, with water half fill the ingredients to be blend, blend into smooth paste.

(2) Heat up sauce pan with 100 mi of cooking oil, add in blended paste, curry paste, chili paste, korma powder, stir fry and mix all ingredients until oil is separated from ingredients, add in coconut milk, mix well, add in water, again stir and mix all ingredients.

(3) When the curry sauce boils, add in seasoning to taste. Ready to enjoy this flavorful curry with aromatic chicken thighs.