GRV Pedometer Watch – Waterproof Watch To Keep Fit And Stay Healthy

GRV Pedometer Watch is Waterproof And It Lets You Keep Fit And Stay Healthy.

GRV Pedometer Watch
GRV Pedometer Watch
  • This fitness watch does not require Bluetooth to function. It doesn’t require an app or phone connection to get started. For people who don’t have a cell phone and want a simple fitness tracker, this is a great choice.

  • Tracks your steps, calories, distance, and sleep time accurately with this fitness tracker. Staying active and developing a healthy lifestyle can be helped by it.

  • Simple to set up – This watch is very easy to set up. You just need to enter the right time, date, height, weight, and age in the watch’s settings. With the touch button at the bottom, you can easily operate the watch.

  • 【Great Gift for Parents and Children】– This pedometer watch makes a great gift for kids and the elderly, as it is simple and doesn’t require a phone, plus it’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use.

  • 【Long Battery Life】 – You can charge this fitness watch through the USB port on the side. Put the end with the metal piece into any USB port after you take the watch body out of the strap. The battery can last up to 7 days after charging for 2-3 hours. You’ll have to set the watch again if you don’t charge it in time.

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