Gskyer 70mm Telescope Review | About 40 USD Discount Deal

Gskyer 70mm Telescope Review.  Great for Families, Kids On A Budget.

Gskyer 70mm Telescope Review
Gskyer 70mm Telescope Review

An excellent telescope to dip your toes into the world of astronomy is the Gskyer Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope. With all the standard features you want to play around with, it is durable and well constructed, and the price is quite reasonable.

All of these features combine to make this one of the best selling telescopes on the market today. You will not be afraid to get, play with, or learn on this telescope without experiencing buyers remorse. The telescope is functional, user-friendly, and allows anyone to attempt backyard astronomy.

Gskyer 70mm Telescope Specifications. Telescope with a refractor. There is a 70mm objective lens with a 5.7 focal ratio and a 120x highest magnification. The assembled weight is 6lbs. While Gskyer competes with well-known brands such as Celestron, Meade, and Orion, it offers an excellent beginner telescope. This telescope is almost universally praised, well constructed and fun to use. At this price, there are few telescopes that can reach all of the high notes that this telescope can.

Low-pressure telescope that is extremely affordable. It is a joy to use. Designed for the complete novice or young astronomer with plenty of included accessories. There is not much room for growth with this telescope. It requires some assembly upon unboxing.

An easy-to-use interface. This telescope features an easy-to-use altazimuth mount with a basic, fluid design. Within a short period of time, you will be casually cruising around the night sky in search of interesting objects to observe. Thus, it is the perfect scope for children or young astronomers as well. Using it will not cause your children to become frustrated or knock it over. Because of the price and the features, it is an ideal scope for introducing your children to astronomy as well as using it as a fun family activity after dinner. It would make a great gift for anyone in your family who is considering purchasing a telescope.

Assembly is the only difficult aspect of this telescope. There is a significant amount of assembly required and the product is not ready to use straight out of the box. Instructions are adequate but not great, and some parts are unclear, which may be frustrating to some. In the event that anything goes wrong or if you are not satisfied with the product, they claim to offer a full refund. This service covers maintenance, but does not mention a warranty, but they claim to be able to provide you with an answer within 24 hours, so you have that safety net in the event that you need it.

Once properly assembled, the telescope remains an easy-to-use toy for both novices and children. What are you able to see? The Gskyer 70mm Telescope has a 70mm aperture, which does not provide a great deal of viewing power. As a result, the ability of the lens to capture light from distant objects is far less than that of an aperture of, say, 80mm or 100mm, which makes sense. Despite not being able to blow your socks off with regard to power or depth of viewing options, it offers enough to keep you entertained.

This telescope is capable of viewing all of the best views of the solar system, including excellent images of the moon and Saturn, as well as excellent images of Jupiter and Mars. It is capable of viewing your favorite constellations with relative ease and is able to focus in on other favorites such as Andromeda. Any object that has a decently bright profile and is not too difficult to locate will be within the scope of this telescope.

It does leave a lot to be desired for those who are familiar with telescopes, which is why it is intended for beginners and younger users. Although the image quality is not exceptional, it is sufficient to keep you entertained.

This telescope comes with a large number of useful accessories, which is one of its greatest advantages. It is worth mentioning that the accessories alone are worth a substantial portion of the asking price for this telescope kit. They contribute greatly to the ease of use and enjoyment of the scope in general. There are several accessories included with this telescope, including a carry bag, finderscope, zenith mirror, two eyepieces (10 mm and 25 mm), a 3x Barlow lens which triples the effectiveness of the two eyepieces, as well as a smartphone attachment that allows for basic night sky pictures and a tripod. This is an excellent resource.

Both eyepieces are decent, one with a high magnification and the other with a relatively low magnification. It will provide excellent views of constellations and the moon, as well as more focused shots of planets and other objects. Barlow lenses allow you to use each eyepiece in two different ways, creating the illusion that you have four eyepieces rather than two. The Barlow lens can also be paired with any eyepiece you add to your collection for increased functionality. The finderscope is an essential accessory when using the altazimuth mount in order to remain on target. Using this method, you will be able to focus more precisely on the objects that you are trying to view.

Even though it is not the best finderscope, its inclusion here adds value to a telescope that is already very affordable. As a result of these accessories, you will have more options when using the telescope. Whether it is playing around with your phone camera or learning how a Barlow lens works, these accessories provide hours of fun.

This telescope would be more suitable for younger astronomers than for adults seeking to enter the field. For a similar price, there are more mature and better telescopes that adults or more serious astronomers will find more useful for their quest to learn the basics of astronomy.

It is difficult to find a better telescope for children. There is little risk of breakage or frustration with this telescope for younger users. Including enough goodies and providing enough exploration will keep them engaged for a long time. A low maintenance and low pressure telescope that is great for families, children, or budget conscious individuals. This product is a best seller for a reason.

Summary of features
  • With a focal length of 400mm (f/5.7) and an aperture of 70mm, this lens offers stunning images and protects your eyes. It is made from fully coated optics glass with high transmission coatings. Astronomers will find this telescope to be the perfect tool Magnification: Includes two replaceable eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens. The 3x Barlow lens trebles the magnifying power of each eyepiece. The magnifying power of each eyepiece. With its mounting bracket and cross-hair lines inside, this 5×24 finder scope is ideal for locating objects.
  • One smart phone adapter and one wireless camera remote are included in the free package for exploring the natural world through the screen and taking stunning photographs of the celestial bodies.
  • With its adjustable aluminum alloy tripod and carry bag, this telescope allows for many different viewing positions. The telescope and tripod can easily be transported and stored within the bag.
  • A TWO-YEAR warranty is provided to ensure customer satisfaction. The company gives 24 hour technical support from their team of experts.

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