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Hiccapop Wipe Warmer. I highly recommend this product for the comfort of your baby. FutureUniverseTV presents. Read on Below For Review Of Features.

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer
Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

Benefits And Features Summarized For You Below

  • Over one million units have been sold – you can trust our quality.

  • Baby wipe warmer dispenser ships in a beautiful gift box.

  • Wet wipes are guaranteed to stay moist – Innovative silicone seal keeps moisture and heat in, preventing them from drying out and browning. With TOP-HEATED DESIGN, the wipes at the top stay warm the longest.

  • A BUILT-IN CHANGING LIGHT lets you change diapers without turning on the bright room lights. After 10 minutes, the night light will turn off

  • ALL WIPE BRANDS FIT IN THIS CASE – Store up to a week’s worth of wipes. Wet wipe warmers don’t require any particular type of wipe, including flushable wipes… we’ve got you covered.


Warm baby wipes are the best! Some say it’s an unnecessary luxury. Warm baby wipes are so comforting. You’re gonna change hundreds of diapers. Take your baby along for the ride and make it fun. Are baby wipes supposed to be warmed?   It’s both no and yes. You can use them without warming, but why would you? Is it a $30 luxury to have a nice baby wipe warmer next to your diaper changing station? Think of it like car seat warmers. It’ll feel great against your baby’s skin, plus your hands will be warm. There are some warmers with extra features, like a night light built in on the Munchkin Wipe Warmer.

Is it okay to put wipes in a warmer? The majority of baby wipe warmers will hold a standard box or bag of wipes. Place the wipes inside the wipe warmer after taking them out of their original container. Baby wipes will stay warm in the wipe warmer. Especially the top wipes you’ll use first. What’s the best way to warm baby wipes without a warmer? When your kid is used to the warm wipes, but you’re out and about. Hold some wipes in your hands for 30 seconds. Your sweet little baby can warm them up in that time.

A wipe warmer might seem like a waste of money. It’s been decades since babies were changed with cold wipes without any noticeable side effects, right? There’s no need for a wipe warmer. Still, it might improve your baby’s quality of life a little.

Wiping a little one with a cold, wet cloth isn’t always the best experience, especially in cold climates. All babies are different, so don’t put a wipe warmer on your registry until your baby is born if you don’t want to commit. Consider getting a wipe warmer just to have another soothing tool at your disposal if diaper changes aren’t going well.

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